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    Brainwavz R1 Review

    I've been using it for a while now and nothing really improved. It is bright that is getting not really engaging to listen to. 
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    Htc One

      So how is Qualcomm WCD9310, with an inline class D headphone amp compared to a wolfson DAC? Are there any comparison on these two?
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    A brief comparison/review of the AKG K3003i vs the Shure SE846

    I've got to start saving money to try out one of those beauties
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    Brainwavz R1 Review

    I've got the R1 2 weeks ago and I've got to say that I am not liking anything about the sound. Whenever I am using it, be it with my ipod, my htc one, or my colorfly c4, I am still yearning for it to sound better than my stock iem for htc one or the monoprice 8320. Maybe I am expecting too much...
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    Should I use my HTC One as a source or buy a new one?

    Anybody who loves the bundled iem for htc one?
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    Htc One

    Are there any review on the bundled iem for HTC one? 
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    Htc One

    This is my first post on headfi and I've got to agree with you on the bundled iem for HTC one that it is really a good sounding iem. I've tried it on my colorfly c4 and it is the best by far iem that I've tried on it.
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