Just a guy who loves headphones :D and God !!!!!
Jesus!, Good quality sound
Church, God, Music, Training, Business, Cats
Headphone Inventory
Currently Own

Atomic floyd Superdarts


Dunu dn-2000**

Xears Revolution re-cabled by Forza Audio Works *

Trinity Audio- Delta, Sabre

Previously Owned ( Anything with a Star means Good :) !!

ASG 1 Plus*** ( Loved them )
House of Marley Redemption Song iem
Westone ES5 CIEM *
Fischer Amps fa-4e xb ( Pretty Damn Awesome !) **
Skullcandy 50/50 Died after 4 years of faithful service R.I.P !
Ankit snakes G-bass
Denon AHC 260
JVC Carbon
JVC Gummy
JVC Marshmellows
V Moda Bass
Sony MDR EX21
Sony xb90ex *
Sony HPM70
Sony HPM77
Sony MH-1C *
Skullcandy Ink'd
Skullcandy Riot
Phillips SHE800/10
Expect Polish
Xears Giant Force XGF 500
Sennhieser cx400
Sennheiser cx310
Sound Magic e10
Sound Magic PL30
i Leaves *
Radiopaq wires
Radiopaq Edge
Future Sonic Atrios *
Ultimate ears triple fi 10vi *
Sennhieser IE80
Wicked Audio Jawbrakers *
Radius Atomic bass
Bass Buds
Xears Resonance
Kitsound edge
Klipsch X10
Monster pro gold
Hisound popo *
Hisound wooduo 2 **
Cysen half in ear
Fischer audio eternia *
Fischer audio Silver bullet **
Vsonic GR07 BE *
Skullcandy Heavy Medal
Altech lansing
Brainwavz Delta
House of Marley Zion
Phonak 232 *
Monoprice 8320 ( Fit Issues)
JVC FXZ-200 *
Sony MDR-EX650
House of Marley Uplift
House of Marley Redemption
Xears 4Core (Awesome in there own right)
Fidue A83*
Noble Audio Servant *Vocals+Good track= Heaven
UM Mentor
Headphone Amp Inventory
Currently Own

GoVibe Martini +

Previously Owned

Neco V4 op-627 ( Now swapped to AD-4627)

Meier Audio Quickstep

Vorzuge Amp Pure ii

AlgoRhythm Duet


BSG Cmoy amp (JRC JRC4556)

JDS Labs C5D

Jds Labs C5

O2 Amp

Just audio uha-120

smsl amp SAP-4S

fiio e5
Source Inventory
Own Currently

Iphone 6

iMod 5.5 Gen Super Mod

Asus K55v Laptop

Acoustic Research AR-M2**!

Previously Owned

htc sensation xe (Sold)

Ipod Classic (160GB) (Sold)

Cowon Z2 (Sold)

Sony NWZE585 (Lives away from home)

Cowon i9 (Returned)

Meridian Explorer Dac
Cable Inventory
Mundorf + Copper cable 3.5mm to 3.5mm
Silver Cable Custom Made 3.5mm to 3.5mm
Silver + Copper mini 3.5mm to 3.5mm
Copper + Mundorf mini Jack to Jack
12 Core pure Silver 3.5mm to 3.5mm
Hybrid Copper, Silver, Mundorf 12 core 3.5mm to 3.5mm ( Amazing )
Vertere Acoustics Usb cable
Piccolino Interconnect ( The best you can get from a cable IMO )
Other Audio Equipment
i.fuzen hp-1 Iphone amp

CLAS Solo-db ( Sold )

CLAS Solo Original ( Sold )
Music Preferences
Rap, Grime, Hip hop, Worship, Pop, Dubstep
Work for Trinity Audio + BSL Interprer for the deaf + Support Worker