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    Little Dot MK VI / Little Dot MK VIII SE Owners Unite

    Can someone recommend some tubes for me?  I'm looking for a sound that has:    - powerful bass - warm, sweet midrange with perhaps a bit of "girth" or "thickness" - not harsh, cold, or analytical - more euphonic than neutral - but not too laid-back or too smooth (I thought the Shuguang...
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    NAD D3020 Discussion Thread

    It's got a howitzer of a headphone amp.  It has a generally powerful sound that fills out the crucial lower-midrange area.  There is some slight midrange edge (in a good way) that gives guitars crunch and growl.     If you listen to mostly girl with a guitar stuff, you'll be able to find...
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    Yaqin SD-CD3 mod

    First, I'm not sure if this post is against the rules of this forum.  If it is, please remove it!   I did read the rules post but I didn't see anything specific on this.   I am wondering if any DIYer has a bit of free time and wouldn't mind helping me mod my Yaqin SD-CD3. I am not...
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    Foobar oversampler SoX

    I've been using the SoX oversampling plugin for foobar lately at 192khz and very high.  Love the sound - 3D and super smooth treble.  Just wanted to share the info in case anyone wanted to try it.  
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    NAD D1050 DAC and headphone amplifier

    Zool, can you extract the version of the firmware that you are using?  I'd like to hear it as well.  
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    Anyone using Arcam irDAC & what do you think of it?

    It's really good.  Only negative I can think of is that the sound doesn't have the "weight" of some other different voiced DACs.  There's a sense of lightness to it that you may love or hate or be indifferent to.  But it's great at just about everything else.  Terrific smooth treble extension...
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    NAD D1050 DAC and headphone amplifier

    If you've purchased a recent version of the NAD 1050, you owe it to yourself to hear it with the original firmware (the firmware that was likely installed in the glowing reviews when it first came out).    (bottom and next page)   If anyone...
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    Nad D Range

      I installed the original firmware kindly provided by Frenchwah and hear an immediate, gross, difference.  It's a totally different piece of equipment.  It's like going from Grados to Sennheiser's.  I'm trying hard to wipe the smile off my face now actually.  Now this is the thick, viscous...
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    Nad D Range

    That's some really useful info.  I can't find the old firmware anywhere online, but NAD's firmware updater tool has an option where you can grab the firmware from the device into a file.  Is there any chance you could do that?  
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     I got my cherry green WASD today and it seriously kicks some ass.  Despite the 80g, they don't feel heavy to me.  I don't think they are heavier than typical throw-in rubber dome keyboards.  Only the shift key on this particular keyboard is slightly heavy.  Other than that, it's perfect.  Feels...
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    Dali Zensor 3

      I have fond memories of Klipsch (didn't know they were American) as their ProMedia 2.1's were my first speaker system.   Continuing the English trend, I also have a pair of Cambridge Audio Aero 2's coming in.  I became intrigued by these after they got Hi-Fi Choice's highest award for...
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      Cool that sounds like it might be more of a typewriter feel which is what I like.  I think I'll go with the Greens.     EDIT: I ended up going with the company's signature scheme, like the minimalist look.  
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    Anyone have a custom WASD keyboard that wants to share their layout?  I'm designing one and am looking for ideas :)
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    Hmm I wasn't aware that there were cherry green's.  I had settled on blues because I like the click with some resistance, but it seems the greens are like blues with more resistance?  Has anyone tried both blues and greens?