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    Herbie Audio Big Fat Dots x8, GLS Audio XLR Cables x6

    Some summer cleanup:   Vibrapods are SOLD   8x Herbie's Audio Lab Big Fat Dots (for speaker coupling to stand): $25 shipped (I paid $85 new for them) 6x GLS Audio XLR Male to Female cables, 6 feet long, color coded $20 shipped (I paid $40 new for them)   Thanks.
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    Audioengine A2 black desktop speakers

    I'm selling my Audioengine A2 desktop speakers in black.  They're in excellent condition.  I'm asking just $60 shipped in the USA or Canada.     Check out the Stereophile review:     See my signature for additional trader feedback from...
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    REDGUM RGi35ENR Black Series amplifier

    I'm selling my soon-to-be delivered REDGUM amplifier.  This is their new model which was funded through a recent indiegogo campaign.    REDGUM is an Australian company known for their house sound, sometimes referred to as the "Best Bass in the World."  This unit is 65watts into 8ohms but...
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    Little Dot MK VI / Little Dot MK VIII SE Owners Unite

    I just bought a Little Dot MK VI and was wondering what they changed in the "+" version?  Do the two amps use the same tubes?
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    Black Treasure CV181Z (6SN7) tubes - Grant Fidelity "Select" matched pair

    Some of the best 6SN7 tubes you can buy regardless of price.   This "cherry picked" set is a totally different ballgame compared to what you buy on Ebay.  These are from Grant Fidelity who do extra precise matching and screening.  They have "Select by LJX-GF" printed under the regular logo...
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    NAD D3020 Discussion Thread

    It's got a howitzer of a headphone amp.  It has a generally powerful sound that fills out the crucial lower-midrange area.  There is some slight midrange edge (in a good way) that gives guitars crunch and growl.     If you listen to mostly girl with a guitar stuff, you'll be able to find...
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    NAD D 3020

    NAD D 3020 used for two months.  Perfect condition.     Comes with everything in the original box.  Comes with purchase receipt dated mid-June.   Price includes Paypal fees and USPS Priority Mail shipping in the USA.  For international we can discuss shipping options.   No bargaining...
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    KEF LS50 speakers

    For sale are my 2 week old KEF LS50 speakers.  They are indistinguishable from new.  They have been played about 100 hours in a nonsmoking, no children, no pet household.  Comes with everything in the original box, including the box.  Comes with the purchase receipt.  The only reason I'm not...
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    KEF LS50 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Review

      Yeah I'd agree that a better amp would make it sound better.  I have two requirements that make rule out a lot of amplifiers though: 1) small form factor and 2) lower-midrange centered sound with smooth, relaxed treble.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking of the Rega Brio R but not sure it...
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    Foobar oversampler SoX

    I've been using the SoX oversampling plugin for foobar lately at 192khz and very high.  Love the sound - 3D and super smooth treble.  Just wanted to share the info in case anyone wanted to try it.  
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    NAD D1050 DAC and headphone amplifier

    Zool, can you extract the version of the firmware that you are using?  I'd like to hear it as well.  
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    Anyone using Arcam irDAC & what do you think of it?

    It's really good.  Only negative I can think of is that the sound doesn't have the "weight" of some other different voiced DACs.  There's a sense of lightness to it that you may love or hate or be indifferent to.  But it's great at just about everything else.  Terrific smooth treble extension...
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    Nad D Range

    That's some really useful info.  I can't find the old firmware anywhere online, but NAD's firmware updater tool has an option where you can grab the firmware from the device into a file.  Is there any chance you could do that?  
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     I got my cherry green WASD today and it seriously kicks some ass.  Despite the 80g, they don't feel heavy to me.  I don't think they are heavier than typical throw-in rubber dome keyboards.  Only the shift key on this particular keyboard is slightly heavy.  Other than that, it's perfect.  Feels...