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    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    Try contacting The Source AV Design Group (, that's where I got my yoke kit a while back. Not sure if they have them anymore. I got a whole bunch of extra screws for the cup housing and washers if you are interested, and I used these black spacers which is different from...
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    To my ears the sound quality does improve quite a bit with the EQ. It's not going to make it super resolving, but still makes it more detailed and natural sounding. Here are my settings for Equalizer APO: Filter: ON LSC Fc 70 Hz Gain 9 dB Q 0.9 Filter: ON PK Fc 80 Hz Gain 2.5 dB Q 1.25 Filter...
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    I need to try the 120 ohm monk lite. I have the 40 ohm monk lite, it has a gigantic peak at 4-5 kHz. EQ can save it sort of, but the bass is also worse than the regular Monk Plus.
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    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    I highly recommend a different cable than stock, I had connection issues with 2 Focal cables now, first with the Elex and now also with the Clear MG Pro. They're also terrible ergonomics. Third party flexible cables are the way to go. Even this nice cheap one on Amazon is high quality, I use it...
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    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    I don't know what it is, but to my ears, the stock velour pads have noticeably more impact, dynamics, slam, whatever you want to call it, than any of the other Hifiman or Dekoni offerings. It's too bad they are a little uncomfortable, but they are slowly conforming to my head shape so perhaps...
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    Feedback by 'DivineCurrent' on listing 'Custom Silver Plated 8 Braid Cable (choose your terminations)'

    Great buyer, fast payment and easy communication. Thank you!
  7. (SOLD) iFi Hip-dac (V1)

    SOLD Price drop to $80. For sale is the iFi Hip-dac, version 1 blue color. This unit works flawlessly, and will have all the accesories shown in the pictures, including a longer USB-A cable for convenience. Fun fact, this is actually the same unit that Amir from Audio Science Review measured...
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    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    Yeah, I see one nearly every other day come up on sale. Thing is with the MG, you have to know what you are getting. Of course it sounds a lot like the originals, but with a warmer tilt and darker treble. I think that's why they are so polarizing, because many find the originals to be warm...
  9. Custom Silver Plated 8 Braid Cable (choose your terminations)

    This is a custom made 8 braided cable using high quality and flexible silver plated wire. I was just about to finish up this cable for myself, but I realized I prefer a different color scheme with my headphones so this is up for sale. This is (in my opinion) a cosmetically pleasing cable to look...
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    Which planar headphones has the best bass slam?

    HE-500 with good sealing pads, has lots of slam. Very close to the Focal Clear. I have not heard the HE-6 yet, but I have hear other planars like the LCD-X, Sundara, HE-400i, and HE-560. HE-500 is the best punch/slam out of all of them.
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    Does anyone know if the Hifiman HE560 Five versions all sound the same?

    I have the Adorama HE560 versions 3 and 4. Both sound the same to me. I even opened them up to do mods, and the drivers look exactly the same. I have not heard V1 or V2.
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Part 2, ranking my IEMs: (I use EQ with all my IEMs, to get closer to the tonality of open back headphones like the HD650 and Clear MG Pro) 1. Dunu Zen Pro - Very open and large sounding, approaches the Focal Clear in dynamics and other areas like speed, detail, resolution, etc. Cleanest and...
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    Differences in soundstage and imaging in IEMs?

    I've been experimenting with EQ on a few IEMs, in particular the Dunu Zen Pro and the Etymotic ER2SE. For both, I have done my best to match (or at least get close to) the response of my other open back headphones by using sine sweeps. For the most part I've achieved very good results, as for...
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    DUNU - Discussion/Impressions Master Thread

    The Zen Pro is my new favorite IEM! These black tips which were included (I think Sony Hybrids), are my favorite tips along with the Dunu brand clear ones. Seriously the cleanest bass I have ever heard in an IEM. Using these as a high end portable reference when I am not using the Focal Clear...
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    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    I'm loving the look of your setup! What headband cover are you using?