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    Need help from Mac users.

    Quote: Originally Posted by RYCeT 1)Which music player do you use on your Mac? 2)What's a good JPG viewer to read manga scanlations? I'm using Acdsee v3.1 on my pc. I tried mac preview, it open each file separately and unable to jump on the next file. 1) Itunes...just...
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    Mac users which widgets do you use?

    Weather Unit Converver thingy
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    Get suggestions based on songs/artists liked

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    Show your Wallpapers

    Quote: Originally Posted by vagarach I spy an ASOT listener, very nice .
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    If you were 17 again, what would you do?

    Quote: Originally Posted by choomanchoo I woulda pulled out, and gone to computer tech schooling Are those two different things that you're talking about?
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    Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs

    It's been getting plenty of playback on my laptop. Can't wait for the TMP record too.
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    Do you think that women should be able to ask a guy on a date?

    Quote: Originally Posted by boomana Women ask men out on all the time, just not with words. If a man can't pick up on the cues, that tells us more information than a mere date would bring. It's usually not a good sign for other things. There are exceptions, but few. Dropping...
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    Do you think that women should be able to ask a guy on a date?

    "Do you think it is acceptable for women to ask a man on a date?" The more important question is, would they?
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    Radiohead in Rainbows download - how much did you pay?

    Zero. Thank god.
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    asking out a chick........

    Sounds more like he's in the friendzone.
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    asking out a chick........

    Whatever you do don't ask her out over IM or myspace or anything that exchanges kilobytes. Phone or in person; no less.