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    Go Tar-heels.

    Ellington was clutch for the Heels that game! I was glad to see that OT win, helps me think this year's team won't collapse when they have trouble putting a team away, like last year's team did in the NCAA tourney against Georgetown.
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    Paramount to likely drop HD-DVD

    Lol. At this point, I can't tell if this thread is either: A) People secretly making fun of Yukon Trooper by ignoring him, or B) A great way of finding out which people are too lazy to read more than just the thread title.
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    What are you playing, right now?

    Juggling several games... Portal (cleared all normal and advanced maps, not sure if I want to do the trial versions of them), Super Mario Galaxy, and Arcana Heart (imported 2D fighter). Kinda Metroid Prime 3, but I got stuck at an early boss and put it on long-term hold, so yeah... And after...
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    MSB Link DAC overlooked?

    I had a Dan Wright-modded MSB Link DAC III many years ago. It sounded quite good... somewhat warm, definitely musical, reasonably good on details. I tried an Art DI/O DAC w/ upgraded PSU (no improvement, sterile tonality), ARC CD3 (a step above, but didn't like overall tonality), and an Arcam...
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    What are you eating now?

    Mmm, I think I'm in the mood for Mongolian BBQ for lunch! That said, right now I'm having one glazed donut and one maple-frosted donut from Dunkin' Donuts.
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    K2 HD recording - a Stunning Listening Experience

    Had a chance to listen to this yesterday, and I'm very impressed. I would certainly recommend this for use as a reference CD, and it has many engaging tracks. My only caveat is you'll need at least one additional reference if you are a fan of music that focuses on the following: male vocals...
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    Horror movies - Your favorites?

    - Psycho (original) - Halloween (original) - House on Haunted Hill - Rosemary's Baby - Nosferatu
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    Ice Cream

    Quote: Originally Posted by pne speaking of delicious icecream, on my roadtrip last summer I happened across this sweets shop. Couldn't believe how good the icecream looked/tasted. [/IMG] Having to view those photos while I'm stuck at work should constitute cruel and unusual...
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MikoLayer For a moment, I was fooled into thinking, "Hey, now we actually have something a tad deviated from the game and still crazy"... and of course something of freakish nature as this had to happen just in time Well, at least it only had one eps left...
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: Originally Posted by enjoiflobees Gurren Lagann is the best anime of all time so far. I've seen alot of shows. but gurren lagann takes the cake. well nodame cantabile isnt that far behind. it's very very close. "who the ****ing do you think I am." Yeah, regardless of how...
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    Pizza, 90 minute ETA!!!

    I always place pick-up online orders with Papa Johns (when I order from them at all... usually order from a local non-chain place which is excellent), it's turned out very consistent. I can't imagine 90 minute waits, unless you order on Super Bowl Sunday or something. The rare times I do...
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    does anyone know the best place to buy anime???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Idsynchrono_24 I've been interested in that series for the longest time. I think I'm going to have to pick up that box man. Have you ever seen Higurashi no naku koro ni? I'm not sure if it's licensed yet, it's one totally screwed up series, hyper creepy...
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    Battles - Mirrored

    Quote: Originally Posted by roadtonowhere08 Aman, I am sure you know WAY more about musical theory and the music that's out there than me, but that band did nothing for me. I like the rhythm and they are obviously having fun and are talented, but tell me what I am missing. Same...
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: Originally Posted by spike33 Ep.8 was pure AWESOME! Truth! That is now in my top 5 favorite episodes of any series, so much BURNING COURAGE and what an ending!
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    24 Season 6 finale - your thoughts

    I was really disappointed in the finale. Many things seemed forgotten or thrown in at random (what happened with the security audit guy, Chloe pregnant out of nowhere, Wayne's status, severe lack of action (though at least Josh finally got some guts), etc...). Jack's speeches at the very end...