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    Review by 'dbsylvia' on item 'Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)'

    A studio reference IEM; Ohh great it is going to be boring! Empire Ears and my ears haven't always gotten along; we've tolerated each other but haven't had many moments of enjoyment. Does the ESR change that? Disclaimer: I purchased the Empire Ears ESR used with my own funds. I was not...
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    Comment by 'dbsylvia' in item 'Tin HiFi T5'

    Here is a link to my Tin Hifi T5 review:
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    Tin HiFi T5 - Anyone tried these?

    Here is my review of the Tin Hifi T5, sorry haven't heard the Fiio FH5s.
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    Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

    Here is a link to my review of the Blon Mini:
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    Reply to review by 'dbsylvia' on item 'Final Audio A4000'

    I haven't heard Final E series, sorry.
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    Review by 'dbsylvia' on item 'Geshelli Labs J2 DAC'

    Over the last several years Geshelli Labs has been producing DAC and amplifiers at budget prices that far exceeded the price paid with the audio quality and enjoyment provided. Geshelli Labs also provides custom paints and acrylic face plates to match whatever you desire to add even more...
  7. Geshelli Labs J2 DAC

    Geshelli Labs J2 DAC A NEW DESIGN ESS Here we come! Here at Geshelli, we like to find the positive light in an adverse situation. Our bright light was the absolutely beautiful sounding ESS Sabre series DAC chips. We went through many iterations of prototypes using the different models and...
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    Review by 'dbsylvia' on item 'Final Audio A4000'

    The Final Audio A4000 has been a popular discussion as of late at the audiophile community water cooler because of its soundstage, does it offer anything else? Nobody seems to be talking about the other skills that the Final A4K has to offer so I will give you some thoughts. Disclaimer: A BIG...
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    Etymotic - Discussion & Impressions (index in 1st post)

    Here is my review for the Etymotic ER2SE Etymotic ER2SE - Natural Brilliance Mention the name Etymotic and more then likely the first response you will get is something in regards to the fit and comfort. There are...
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    Comment by 'dbsylvia' on listing 'Moondrop Starfield'

    These sold 5 minutes after posting, sorry they are no longer available.
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    Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

    Thanks for the kind words and linking my review; greatly appreciated.
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    Reply to review by 'dbsylvia' on item 'Vision Ears ELYSIUM'

    Thank you for the kind words, greatly appreciated.
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    Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

    The only way I can think of, is to use RCA bypass output on LCX into RCA input of Arche. I don't know anything about the Arche though so I may be completely off on my advice.