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    Schiit Yggdrasil GS Problem

    Wow, that sucks. That is not what I expected in a GS edition, B stock perhaps... But after looking at the product page I expected a new unit, with refurb Analog 1 cards. It seems like a good deal for the price but obviously not what you recieved. If you wanted a used one you certainly could...
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Yes, those guys do great work - they do CNC designs, so more affordable then doing them by hand. Although with Ti there is a trade off in tooling with working faster ( uses more tools, more quickly ). I did some bolt knobs as well but if I could not do them myself I certainly would buy from them.
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    well not a completed cable yet I finished a set of headphone beads in 6AL4V titanium this weekend. It has been rainy here so I have not had the chance to get good pictures yet but here is a sample of what they look like. I posted some pics of some on a completed cable I did a couple years back...
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    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    Yes, a lottery where you could put in a first / second choice would be great... although already a VC owner I thought if I could get Volcanis, Canephora or Sonora I would be super happy and I could pass along my existing VC to a new owner once the stabilized set came in. Like others I had it in...
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    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    yes Canephora and Volcanis are my favorites so far
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    Anyone in Michigan around the Metro Detroit area?

    Also in MI....Nice pic of your current setup. :thumbsup:
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    Yin Lu Mei m400 portable usb dac/amp (Ak4499, 3.5SE, 4.4BAL)

    Has anybody used the Lo/Coax jack on the M400 - is the Coax a digital in or digital out? How do you select it? If it is a digital coax out I don't understand how you would use that... USB in... bypass the DAC and then output coax to another dac... bypassing the dac and amp? Does not make sense...
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    It is Friday... it is an IPA for me but I thought why not capture a shot of my Z10e with the tubes glowing... enjoying it and my Ether2's tonight... I had the lights down and the ISO way up... they are not THAT bright in reality :xf_cool:
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    ETHER 2: Impressions and Discussion

    which model of ZMF cans? I have an Auteur and a Verite closed, as well as the Ether 2. The Ether 2 is light and very comfortable It is an open headphone so you will hear sounds around you... can you control your listening environment? I listen to the Ether 2 for hours at a time easily...
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    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    It was Meile and then Dark Star for me too... had Meile in my cart for a few seconds before it was... gone
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    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    I loved the Blush Bhatik! So awesome, but alas it was not to be - I was there at 2pm CST but someone beat me to them. Whoever you are, I hope you are thankful the day after Thanksgiving for scoring such an amazing pair of headphones. So beautiful!
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Yes, we have an air cleaner in the kitchen, and another downstairs in addition to the filters on our furnace. I have thought of potentially adding something to the office too but have not yet. The Honeywell HPA300 we have in the kitchen has a low mode that is very quiet, we usually leave that on...
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    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    Hey Darthpool... I don't think you will be disappointed. I have one of their Z10e amps and as mentioned above it sounds great out of the LO jack with my Dan Clark Ether 2's and with my ZMF Auteurs. Just placed an order yesterday for a set of ZMF VC's so hopefully they will sound amazing with...
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    So, is there better DIY headphone cable than Cardas 4-24 AWG?

    Went back and read through this... I built a cable for my home setup with Cardas 4x24, and then another for work with Canare Star Quad L-4E6S. Later came across the Mogami W2534 but have not ordered any yet... the Cardas was expensive ($14.50 a foot was the best I found), in comparison to the...
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    ZMF Verite

    Having recently bought a tube amp, and not having much experience in my electronics learning to explore valves ( tubes ) I went looking to know more about how things worked. I came across a two part series on the basics of tube amplifiers... the author has other videos that go into more complex...