North Korea escapee
Mixing/DJing, remixing, recording, critical listening, head fi, watch fi, knife fi, shoe fi
My boston terrier, MMA training, Silat Martial Arts, Karambit self-defense tactics
Headphone Inventory
UM Merlin (sold)
Shure se535 (sold)
Allen & Heath xd-53 (Used mainly at gigs)
Sony MDR-7506
Apple earpod (gifted to head-fier)
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser Amperior (gifted to brother)
LCD2 Rev2 (sold)
HiFiMan HE-400
Sennheiser HD800 (sold)
HiFiMan HE-6
Sony MDR-V6
Headphone Amp Inventory
Pico Headamp (sold)
ALO Audio Rx mk1 (sold)
ALO Audio Rx mk2 (sold)
Schiit Audio Mjolnir (sold)
Pioneer VSX-406 (current)
DA8's Built in amp (sold)
Yulong A18 (Sold)
Burson Soloist
Bottlehead S.E.X w/ C4S, Impedance upgrades, and Lightspeed passive Pre (In the stir*dropped)
FirstWatt F5 (dropped)
Apogee Duet2 (returned)
RME BabyFace (sold)
Source Inventory
Macbook Pro 15' i7 2.0ghz Haswell Processor, 8G RAM, 256G PCI-e SSD, Iris graphics model
Ipod Classic 1gen/6gen 80 Gig (sold)
Iphone 5
Cypher Labs Alo -db (sold)
Clevo Notebook running Windows 7 running i7-3610QM CPU@2.3GHz, 500g mSATA SSD, 16G DDR3 RAM, nVidia GTX 675M
Yulong D18 (sold)
MF VLink 192 (sold)
KingRex uc384 (loaned, sold)
ifi iLink (sold)
Hiface Evo(Returned)
Ap1 (auditioned)
DA8 Sabre DAC (sold)
Apogee Duet2
RME Fireface 400 (sold)
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo, using Lexicon 224 & Teletronix LA-2 for UAD plugin (returned)
RME BabyFace
Cable Inventory
SilverRay balanced xlr LCD2 cable (sold)
Oyaide DR-510 (excellent product, sold)
Moon Audio Black Dragon v2 LCD2 dual xlr cable (sold)
Artemis dual 3pin carbon fiber rhodium xlr balanced silver cable for HD800 (amazing cable)
Scanlan Audio 24k Gold OCC Copper carbon fiber rhodium xlr balanced Interconnects
Oyaide NEO d+ Class "A" usb cable (current)
Oyaide Continental s5 usb cable (current)
Power-Related Components
ifi iUSB power supply (sold)
PurePower for audiophilleo
Other Audio Equipment
JL Audio 500/1 Limited Edition Black
JL Audio 12w6v2 in a sealed enclosure of 1.25 cubic ft internal volume
Focal K2 Power 165 KRX3
Focal PC 690 6"x9" Coaxial Speakers
JL Audio HD600/4
PXA-H800 Alpine Imprint Audio Processor
Alpine RUX-C800

Event Opal Studio Monitors (current)
Mackie HR824 Mk1 (Retired)
Genelec 8030BPM (current)
Prosonus Scepter s6 (auditioned)
Adam s8 studio subwoofer (current)
Yamaha HS8 (sold)
Infinity Primus P163BK (current)
Dayton Audio APA150 2-channel 150w amplifier
Pioneer DJM-500 (sold)
Pioneer DJM-900 NEXUS (sold)
Vestax vci-380
Pioneer DDJ-SX (returned)
Serato SL1 (sold)
Pioneer DJM-800 (sold)
Pro tools 10
2x Technics SL-1200M3D (sold *crying*)
2x Pioneer CDJ-1000 (sold)
Mixed in Key
Platinum Notes 4.0
Ableton Live 9
MIDI Fighter 3D
Kontrol F1 (sold)
Traktor Pro2
Kontrol x1 MKII
2x CDJ-2000NEXUS
EFX1000 (sold)
Allen & Heath Xone:92
Allen & Heath Xone:K2
Korg KP3+
Audio-Related Tweaks
Modified effects module
TB Isone (best DSP plugin for JRiver, period)
Event's Studio EQ Calibration kit
Arc 2 System
TotalMix FX
Music Preferences
Old school hip-hop, funk, down-tempo, trip-hop, 2pac, progressive house, tech house, break beat, big-beats, classical, classic rock, drum&bass (only LTJ Bukem), AC/DC fan.
Various vaping gear, my trusty Gigabyte M8000X mouse, Ducky Shine 3 Cherry MX Brown(home), Ducky Shine 3 Cherry MX Blue (work), efx1000
Advance emissions specialist. Emissions inspector.


15' RD MacBook Pro>RME FireFace400>Event Opal

Courage is the mastery of fear--not the absence of fear
-Fortune cookie