Hunting for bang-for-buck audio solutions while avoiding bankrupcy-inducing truely HiFi territory
Headphone Inventory
SoundMagic PL21 (fun, cheap and well enough built : perfect gym IEMs)
Hippo VB
Cyclone Pr1Pro (bang-for-buck king)
Panasonic HJE900
Fischer Audio Eterna
Sennheiser PX 100-II (less comfortable and even less balanced than original PX100)

In the drawer (will give away) :
Meelec M9 (new version)

First earphones : PX100, CX300, CX300-II

Haven't heard much more than that...

Interested in : MTP COPPER, Miles Davis, CK10, Mingos WM2, E-Q7 (fit concerns), IE8, ECCI PR200
Headphone Amp Inventory
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Source Inventory
Sansa Fuze V2 w/ film cap LOD & silver core cable
Sony Walkman NWZ-S639F

Other Audio Equipment
Technics SC-HD60 stereo system w/ separate units (humble stuff but I love it)

Altec lansing 621 (meh)

JBL on tour (surprisingly loud & good enough sound for the size, good value for travel)

X-mini II max (suprisingly loud for the size but unfortunately not so surprising crappy SQ - worthless. But the regular X-mini II is worthy as a cute pocketable gadget)

Have owned : logitech Z-2300 (regrettable experience)

WTB : Audioengine 5, or Mackie MR5, or KRK rokit RP5 G2, or Swan M200 MkIII

also WTB : Tivoli iPAL (second hand, much too expensive at MSRP)