Drummer for over a decade now
I also like to drive the crap out of my car.
Headphone Inventory
my journey over the years (since about 2001) from the most recent:
1964 Ears V6-Stage Revised early 2014
1964 Ears V8
1964 Ears V6-Stage (retrofitted)
1964 Quads
Westone 4R
Koss Portapro
Monster Turbine Pro Copper
Monster Turbine
JBL Reference 220
Sony EX51 again
Sony MDR-V300
Shure E2c
Sony EX51/71
Sony MDR-G72LP

heard: um3x, se535, EX1000, TF10, westone 3, k701, hd650, hd800, t1, k701, D2000, D1000, SRH840, ATH-AD700, IE8, MTPG, phonak pfe
Source Inventory
iPhone 5, JDS Labs ODAC+O2

Had: Cowon J3
Fiio E10
Audinst HUD-MX1
Other Audio Equipment
Adam A7X
KRK Rokit 8


Behringer Powerplay 16 / iPhone 5 / JDS Labs ODAC+O2 -> 1964 Ears V6-Stage