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    Archos 5/7 pinout for LOD

    Found this thread on another forum, think I'm going to try it on my 16gb archos 5 that has been sitting around. Will let people interested know how it goes. Basically its an imod for the archos.  .
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    Total Bithead shuts off randomly

    So I was just testing the bithead with the power unplugged running off the battery, and the bithead still cut out. Curious if anyone else knows what might cause this.
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    Total Bithead shuts off randomly

    Hello, I am new to this forum but have been reading for many hours this past month. Since coming to the forum I have purchased a total bithead and a pair of grado sr 225i (which are in the mail). My issue is with my bithead. When hooked up to any of the three usb ports on my laptop, it will...
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    Purchased a Total Bithead off Joelby and was very please in all respects of the sale, couldn't be happier. Being a new member I was glad to have the great communication and fast shipping. Would definitely do business with him again!
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