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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Tempotec Sonata HD II'

    Introduction Tempotec continues to renew its product range. This time it is the turn of the simplest device: the Sonata HD II. This is the smallest DAC/AMP, which replaces the Sonata HD. With a very, very similar shape, Tempotec has changed the DAC chip, for one from Sabre, of course. This is...
  2. Tempotec Sonata HD II

    Tempotec Sonata HD II

    TempoTec Sonata HD Ⅱ TYPE C to 3.5MM DSD128 Headphone Amplifier Adapter DAC For Android Phone PC MAC Input: TYPE-C Output: 3.5mm earphone port Product length: 11.3cm SNR: 116dB OUTPUT POWER: 70mw/32ohm SUPPORT : PCM 32bit/384khz, DSD 128 (DOP) SUPPORT: 2VRMS/600ohm Instructions 1. Sonata HD...
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    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'Hidizs S9Pro'

    Thank you for your words. I am sorry to comment that I do not have the Shanling UA2. Well, actually I don't have any Shanling, nor have I been able to test it on any Tour in my country. :sweat:
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    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'Geekfly GF8S'

    As always, it is a pleasure to read your point of view, also because you add different appreciations that enrich the review. Thanks for the review. On the other hand, it's strange that the same device could have been added twice... xDDDDD...
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Hidizs S9Pro'

    Introduction Hidizs is not giving fans a break. After the fire at the AKM plant in Japan on 20 October 2020, many of the audio devices that used AKM chips have had to move to another manufacturer, due to the difficulty of finding them. This is the case of the S9, which used an AK4493EQ as a...
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    Obscure Chinese DAPs

    My humble opinion on the xDuoo X2S:
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'xDuoo X2S'

    Introduction Shenzhen xDuoo Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand in the Portable Hi-End world. Its DAPS are very well known among enthusiasts. However, xDuoo has a large number of amplifiers and DACs, especially tube amplifiers. Neither dongles nor its famous XD05 portable DAC/AMP saga...
  8. xDuoo X2S

    xDuoo X2S

    Xduoo X2S DSD128 PCM 24Bit/129kHz OLED Screen Portable HiFi Lossless MP3 Music Player
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    USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

    Hello to all. Here is my humble opinion on the Tempotec Sonata E35. I hope you like it!
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Tempotec Sonata E35'

    Introduction Once again, Tempotec is extending its Sonata series with a new member, building on the Dual DAC path started with the BHD model. It even uses a philosophy partially implemented in that model: the device is not a single tablet to which USB cables and headphones can be attached, but...
  11. Tempotec Sonata E35

    Tempotec Sonata E35

    Specifications DAC: DUAL CS43131 SNR: 128dB THD+N: 113dB Output level: 2VRMS Output power: 80 mW/32ohm Frequency: 0-40KHZ /+-DB Crosstalk: -95dB Support: 32Bit PCM/384kHz DSD256 (native) DSD128(DOP) Support: HW volume control Support: PC MAC and Android Compatible with W7, W8, W10 and ASIO driver
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    Obscure Chinese DAPs

    First measurements without load and at 32 Ohms. As usual with xDuoo specifications, they are exaggerated. On the other hand, a voltage of almost 1.2V in such a small device, I find almost excellent. Also, the output impedance is very low, less than 1. Such values are not easy to find at this...
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'BQEYZ Summer'

    Introduction The BQEYZ brand from Dongguan (China) continues to iterate its triple hybrid model. This time, it's time to move to the summer season. This is the name of this new model: BQEYZ Summer. The external differences are obvious: compared to the Spring models, they have moved from a metal...
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Reecho SG-03'

    Introduction Reecho is a relatively new headphone brand. It surprised with the standard of its Spring and Summer models and then moved into a higher product in the price range, such as the Insects Awaken. For the new model, they've lowered the price bar, but without reducing the quality. This...
  15. Reecho SG-03

    Reecho SG-03

    Reecho SG-03 Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone with Private Mold Wearing Experience Description All metal HiFi earphone with private mold wearing experience Human ear measurement database intelligent synthetic cavity model N50 high rigidity composite titanium plated diaphragm High...