Head Gear Reviews by cpurdy
  1. JBL CLUB 950NC

    4.50 star(s)
    I didn't expect much, other than a decent Bluetooth headphone implementation from a brand (JBL) that usually doesn't suck. But I have to admit to really liking these headphones far more than I expected to. If I were designing a pair of consumer Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones with a few gimmicks like bass boost and noise cancelling with ambient sound pass-through, and a handy optional wired connection, I would have been quite proud to have come up with this product. The only issue with the comfort is the heat that is naturally trapped by the...
  2. Focal Elegia

    4.00 star(s)
    I do like these headphones. I use closed back headphones at work (my coworkers don't like the noise), and at home in bed (my wife likes to sleep). However, these do not have the high degree of sound seal that I expect from a closed back headphone, so if that's why you're considering them, then keep looking. I also tend to listen to music at very low volumes. Sure, I'll boost the volume on a track for the fun of it, but generally, I like my volume really, really low. But I still want to hear all of the detail, and all of the color. I would say that...
  3. Jerry Harvey Audio Layla Custom IEM

    5.00 star(s)
    JH Audio has an entire line of custom IEMs, and a cult following. I've had a friend pushing me to get a pair of custom Layla IEMs since they came out; he was one of the early customers, and he still raves about them (even years after they were stolen from him). I had not intended to purchase them, but the Black Friday special was too tempting to skip, so after a quick visit to the ear proctologist for a set of molds, I sat back to wait. Normally, these take less than two weeks, order to delivery, but I was in no rush -- and I didn't want them to be...
  4. Pioneer XDP-30r

    5.00 star(s)
    I've had this player for a long time. It has a ridiculous number of features, including Bluetooth and WiFi and Tidal and remote apps and MQA and so on ... but I don't use any of those. What I do use is a massive amount of storage on a micro-SD card, and the balanced output. So my review won't be a very good reflection of the capabilities of this player, but just the tiny slice of stuff that I actually use. The funny thing is that I have almost no complaints about the player. Sure, it's not a tube amp, but on the other hand it fits in my pocket and...
  5. Grado PS1000 Headphones

    5.00 star(s)
    I don't get to listen to open-back headphones very often. In the office, my office-mate hates them. In bed, my wife hates them. But with the office-mate out of the office this week, the PS1000 is on the desk, and I stumbled onto this review thread (while simultaneously hearing the first flaw in these cans) and though: "Why not?" These are Grado style. They're not my only Grados, and I love Grados. Who would buy Grados? I wouldn't ... but a very knowledgeable friend suggested a lower end pair a decade or so back, I bought them, and I really loved...