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    Purchased PK3s from souperman. Prompt shipment and exactly as described. Excellent transaction.
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    FS: Sony PSP (SOLD)

    Just seeing if there's any interest. It's a non-slim version, purchased brand new last summer. It has had a BestSkinEver since day one on the front so the screen is flawless while the rest of the unit is in very good condition. Comes with: PSP (with custom firmware 3.90 M33) Power supply...
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    sold some Grado cups to iPatch. quick payment and pleasant communications made for a very enjoyable transaction.
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    SOLD: Trends TA-10.1

    Purchased it recently from this thread but have no need for it any longer. Amp is in great condition but it is missing one of the rubber feet on the bottom. SOLD Asking $115 + shipping. SOLD
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    I sold kris a bunch of stuff (headphones and diy supplies). communication was pleasant and payment was quick. highly recommended.
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    Getting rid of everything not in use. Sennheiser HD595 Purchased from this thread. Turns out the driver housing was damaged but the drivers remained untouched. Swapped out all internal parts for the detachable cable and replaced with a Grado cable soldered directly onto the drivers. Have...
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    FT/FS: Yuin PK1 (SOLD)

    SOLD! Looking to either trade or sell my PK1's that were purchased from Head-Direct about a month ago. In excellent condition and comes with original packaging and all accessories, minus one pair of foamies with the holes in it (only pair used). I got used to the J-cord and much prefer them...