Long time audio nut. I aim for detailed, controlled, accurate audio to match the producer's intent.
Headphone Inventory
Koss HV/2A
Sony MDR-V900
Sony MDR-SA3000 (fell apart)
Sony MDR-1R
Westone 4 - mini 4-pin XLR
Beyerdynamic DT-880 600ohm (sold)
Beyerdynamic T1 - mini 4-pin XLR
JVC HA SZ2000 + 55x pads + extra padding - mini 4-pin XLR
Sony MDR-Z1R
Headphone Amp Inventory
M-Audio FastTrack II
Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2
Sony PHA-3 (main amp)
Source Inventory
CDs in flac and 320k mp3
Cable Inventory
Stock cables or else I make my own.
Other Audio Equipment
Carver 753x
Classe SSP-25
Stanton STR8-100
Sony APM-66, APM-33
Sunfire Signature Sub
CEntrance MasterClass 2504
Music Preferences
Any, I think of music as individual experiences that I can replay so I try it all.
Slightly down on pop, country, and more so on poor recordings.