Los Angeles (CA)
Headphone Inventory
> Own <
Hifiman Edition-X
Hifiman HE-6
Hifiman HE-400S
Hifiman RE-400
Focal Spirit Pro

> Incoming <

> Had <
AKG K240 mkII
AKG K-701
AKG Q-701
Fostex TH-600
Fostex TH-900
Hifiman HE-4
Hifiman HE-400
Hifiman HE-400i
Hifiman HE-500
Hifiman HE-560
Hifiman HE-5LE
Hifiman RE-262
Koss ESP-950
MrSpeakers Mad Dogs 3.0
Oppo PM-2
Sennheiser HD-800
Sony MDR-Z7 (modded)
SoundMAGIC HP100
Headphone Amp Inventory
> Own <
Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon
First Watt F6
Sony TA-A1ES

> Incoming <
First Watt M2
Schiit Asgard 2

> Had <
Audio-gd Master-9
Audio-gd NFB-27
Audio-gd SA-31
Audio-gd SA-31SE
Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson (loaner)
Hifiman EF-6
iBasso D10 cobra
Matrix m-stage
Metrum Aurix
Naim UnitiQute
Proceed AMP3
Schiit Ragnarok
Yulong A18
Source Inventory
> Own <
Auralic Aries LE + LPSU
Bel Canto REFLink
Dangerous Source
EAD DSP-7000 mkIII
Empirical audio Off-ramp 4 (DDC)
Geek Pulse v2
Proceed AVP
PS-Audio UltraLink II
Schiit Gungnir MB
Theta Gen V
Theta Basic IIIa

> Incoming <
Chord Mojo

> Had <
April Music Eximus DP1
Audinst HUD-mx1
Audiobyte Hydra-X+ (DDC)
Audio-gd Master-7
Audio-gd NFB-3.1
Audio-gd NFB 15.32 (offered to my dad)
Audio-gd NFB-27 (long time favorite!)
Audio-gd Reference 5.32
Audio-gd SA-1.32
Audio-gd SA-2
Chord QuteHD (why did I sell this one?! ...) x2
Chord Hugo (why did I buy this one?!)
Chord Mojo
Emotiva XDA-1
Emotiva Stealth DC-1
Empirical audio Offramp 5 (i2s upgrade)
Fostex HP-A3
JKenny Ciunas DAC
JKenny Converter (DDC)
Marantz NA-7004
Metrum Quad + Stello U3 (the source that started it all <- my wallet hates you / my ears love you)
Metrum Octave mkI
Naim UnitiQute
Resonessence Concero
Yulong DA8
Other Audio Equipment
> Hifi setup <
Focal Electra 1007Be
First Watt F6
Theta Gen V
Proceed AVP (preamp)

Exposure 2010S integrated (sold)
Lavardin IS Reference (sold)

> Computer setup <
Focal Solo6 Be
Theta Gen V
Proceed AVP (preamp)
Music Preferences
Rock and most derivatives
Original Soundtracks
Some electro
Algorithm engineer (audio processing)