Chris J
Jimi Hendrix rules!
Jeff Beck rules!
Tony Williams rules!
Miles Davis, the dark prince.
Toronto, Canada
playing drums and cymbals with wooden sticks
maple shell drums
K Zildjian cymbals
Headphone Inventory
Stax SRS-2170 Electrostatic......My faves
AKG Q701, black
Audio Technica ATH-ESW9........closed back type
Sennheiser PX-100 ii, great for the $
Sennheiser HD424, 30 yrs old, 2000 ohms, rewired for balanced operation

Shure SE210, I use 'em with my metronome
Skullcandy earbuds, bass heavy, I don't use them

I used to own:
IPod Touch.........I gave it away to charity for those in need of some old memories
Beyer DT880, 600 Ohms, a nice neutral sound
Grado iGrado, great for the $
Signet TK33 Electrets, very transparent
fake Audio Technica ATH-ESW10 Japan, argh!
AKG K241
old Koss 'phones with little pots on the cups
Headphone Amp Inventory
Matrix Quattro balanced headphone amp
La Figaro 336C e/w NOS tubes

Used to own:
Matrix M Stage e/w LM4562 Op Amp, no input caps
FiiO E17
FiiO E09K
FiiO E12
Source Inventory
FiiO X7 ii
Beresford Caiman Mk II DAC/Amp
FiiO X5 Digital Audio Player
iBasso D12 Anaconda portable DAC/Amp
Little Dot CDP_ii CD transport

used to own:
iPod Touch
Wadia 170i iPod dock
Beresford Bushmaster Mk II DAC/Amp
Cable Inventory
Kimber KCAG interconnects
Audioquest Evergreen interconnects
Chord Company SilverPlus USB cable
Silflex Toslink digital cables
Eupen power cords
Power-Related Components
power conditioning bar
Other Audio Equipment
you know, electro/acoustic transducers (speakers) and stuff like that, amps, pre-amps, cables, CD player, grammophone e/w/ Bipolar Junction Transistors, MOSFETs and JETs, Vacuum tube triodes
Audio-Related Tweaks
Single Malt Scotch
A good, hoppy IPA craft beer
Music Preferences
50's and 60's Jazz
50's and 60's Blues
Classical (Romantic period)
but mostly Rock & Pop music
Nikon D90 DSLR
Fuji X20 digital camera
Canon G12 digital camera
Electrical Engineer


For Sale: iBasso D12 DAC/amp, AKG Q460 headphones.
Beresford Caiman Mk II DAC/headphone amp, Little Dot CDP ii CD transport.........Matrix Quattro amp, La Figaro 336C SET tube headphone amp.........The Kings: The Stax SRS-2170.........The Dynamics: AKG Q701, Grado RS-2i, Sennheiser HD424/2000 ohm, Senn PX-100 ii, Audio Technica ATH-ESW9.