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    Astell&Kern A&norma SR25 MK II - Available November 2021

    I think this pricing for an entry level product is ridiculous. Personally I would pick sony over this any day.
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    So if I want to braid litz cables, where can I get the cables with the clear tubing and really thin gauge? Likewise something close to what alo uses would be great! So if you have a link to a store which sells it don't mind to reply and give me a ping!
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    What books to read to get started with electrical knowledge?

    Hello all! I have in my mind at the end to design power amps and headphone amps, or maybe electrostatic amps as well. I am very aware there are designs publicly available like the KG schematic but I cannot understand it at all. Would someone here be able to recommend me some books to read to...
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    Ouch, $40 for moon, expensive stuff. The plussoundaudio site is broken for me for some reason. Thank you for the recommendations!
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    And another thing, I have been looking at neutrik XLR connectors, and there are two main lines of products I see around. One is the XX and another the Neutrik NC3MXX-B ones. Are there other ones that is comparable or you prefer more? Other brands is fine too.
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    Furutech does have some nice 4.4, but the problems is I really do prefer gold contacts. In that case do you have other ones in mind?
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    @Chuck Dee Would you mind to let me in on some of the parts you like specifically? Like y splitter or other parts I was wondering about. I am just too new to shop in the vast market of Ali.
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    Hello! I am new to the cable making and just need some parts sourcing. Right now I am using redco for my connectors and cables, most likely neutrik and mogami. I am missing some place to buy mmcx for westone/shure IEMs from, can someone here recommend a store to buy mmxc connectors? Then it...
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    Alternatives to alo audio litz cable?

    Hello and thanks for dropping by. I find myself able to hear the difference between a linsoul HC-08 and a alo audio regular litz cable. Both 4.4mm termination and same DAP. (Yes, I know it is a $80 difference, but it is what I have to compare.) The $100 price range is a sweet spot, as it has...
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    USB DACs comparable to the Light Harmonic Products

    Hey all! I am looking for a USB DAC, or just "transportable DAC" that can match up with the LH Geekout series. I do have a budget of ~300 in mind, and something used is fine too. Not many of you might have been aware of what the LH had to offer since it is already EOL by now, I will list my...
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    Portable Digital Transport That is Not a Phone?

    My guess is that it would be fine, since it is all under the SD XC category.
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    Giveaway for KBEAR KS1

    Might not have much of a chance at this point, but I will still give it a go. @WendyLi
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    iBasso DX220Max ****************** New FW! 1.01 for download! 1st Page.

    The card is fully inserted and functioning correctly. It has no protruding parts. Whenever I push it in past the usual mark, it should pop out, but it does not do that anymore. And yes contacts are facing upwards. The spring loaded mechanism is not popping it out.
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    iBasso DX220Max ****************** New FW! 1.01 for download! 1st Page.

    @Paul - iBasso I just took the SD out form the slot to transfer some files, and now when I try to take it out, it won't pop out like usual. It just moves within the allotted space whenever I push it in and it doesn't come out. Any ideas to solving it?