Head Gear Reviews by cherryind
  1. BQEYZ Spring 1

    5.00 star(s)
    First these are built like tank with smooth finish. Nozzle is slightly larger in diameter so you really need Right tips to get the best out of these! It consists of 3 drivers 1 dynamic, 1 patented piezoelectric driver, 1 inhouse BA by BQEYZ. Previously I have used many IEM's the worthy ones are Kanas Pro, Tequila 1, Fiio FH1, Blon, KZ AS10, TinT2, Tin T3, BQEYZ KB100 etc.. (My views are limited to these) Paired with LG G7 and Tidal for music. These are 43ohm IEMs so you need better smart phone to power these to their actual potential. LG powers...