Tech junkie, and music lover.
Listening to music; old watches; birding with the wife.
Tech news; old watches; classical music; constitutional law; hiking; birding; and sci-fi television from the '90s.
Headphone Inventory
Current: Grado PS-1; Omega MK2; HP1; HE-5 with Smeggy Mods; Koss 950; Stax SR Lambda; HF-2, HD800; Audio Technica W10VTG; Symphones Magnums; Beyer DT 1350; K701; DT880 v.2003; RS2i; SR80; YH-1; Smeggy TPs

Former: Balanced HD650; D7000; SE530; K501
Headphone Amp Inventory
Current: Luxman P-1u; DSHA-1 (king of grado amps); Grace 903; EHHA by dBel84; Singlepower MPX3; SRM-1; SR727; Exstata (coming soon)

Former: RA1; Headroom Balanced Desktop
Source Inventory
Berkeley Alpha; Parasound D/AC 1100HD; Audio-GD 19MK3; Pico DAC; Rotel RCD-02; MacBook; BachPod; iPhone
Cable Inventory
Balanced Silver Dragon
Power-Related Components
Power company
Music Preferences
Classical; grunge; most anything from the 90's.
Broad arrow watches; vintage WW2 A2 fligt jacket; and giant G'Kar bust.
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