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    Toronto Meet - Sunday April 8th

    Anyone coming down the 410 near Brampton that would like to car pool? I am looking for someone to hitch a ride with for me and my gear.
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    Toronto Meet - Sunday April 8th

    I will definitely be making it out to the meet and buying at least a few raffle tickets to help out.
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    M50s overrated?

    I think people should take a listen to the new white box version on the M50 because alot of the complaints that are in this thread have been reduced in this version. The M50 is an excellent, cheap, portable headphone. They have some bass emphasis but are fairly neutral in the mids and highs...
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    BLIND TEST: 128kbps mp3 vs Lossless

    Terrible test. It was easy to tell b was the "better" track but the recording is terrible.
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    Reccomend me a Subwoofer Setup(Car Audio)

    Yea but you don't have to turn it up. It will last alot longer then all those store brands and it will satisfy your needs for bass. You could drop woofer size but I picked that setup as it compliments each other. You will not need to buy another system ever again.   Also here is the older...
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    What music brings out the best in Grado prestiege headphones?

    My favorite song is Crystal Planet by Joe Satriani to listen to on the SR60i's.
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    Who else feels like the Sennheiser HD598s are unwearable?

    Sorry to inform you but it's you, not the headphones. Your head may be too large for them. I have tried all of that series and they are nothing but completely comfortable. I have wore my old 595's for over 8 hours before while at a gaming LAN party with no fatigue whatsoever.
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    Review by 'cdnaudiophile' on item 'Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones'

    Purchased these at the amazing price of $95cdn on a boxing day sale.   Amazed with the sound right out of the box. Has bass emphasis but not overpowering where it ruins the mids or highs. Mostly in the sub 100 hz range. They are very detailed for a dynamic driver. To me these sound better...
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    Toronto winter meet? [interest check]

    I would definately love to tend. Would be my first time and I think it would be awesome to meet some fellow head-fiers!  
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    Audez'e LCD 2 vs beats PRO by dr dre WITHOUT AMP

    Quote: I don't beleive you. Please post pictures of your purchase.   You are just wasting members time with your threads. There is a search fuction. Learn how to use it.  
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    Furutech Cruise Review by Steve Guttenberg

    I got a chance to listen to it at TAVES and it was very impressive. Great, accurate sound. The looks and design is gorgeous. You must see it in person. It's a little thicker then I would like it to be but it is still very manageable. The only thing about it that left me wanting more was the...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    Quote:   Not too much, no. I really just like the coloration the amp brings to the phones. It makes the Grados very warm sounding and takes the brightness out of them just a slight bit. I could listen for hours if it wasn't for how uncomfortable the earpads are.   Thats not actually...
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    Post your computer specs!~

    My main rig:   i7 920 @ 4.2GHZ Asus P6T Deluxe 12 GB Patriot Viper 1600mhz DDR3 4 WD RE3 500GB HD's in Raid 0 2 XFX 6990 in crossfire Corsair AX1200 Corsair 700D Asus Xonar STX 3 46" Samsung 1080p 120hz LCD's Win 7 Ultimate 64   My Laptop: Mac Book Pro 15" Hi-Res...