'Some English professor who teaches your children nothing but lies at the State University.
Headphone Inventory
*Cans*: AKG-K120A, K501; Beyer DT480(x4), DT531, DT990 Classic; Quart MB50; Yammy YH2
*Gone-Not Forgotten*: K500; T20 V.2; ATH-AD900; DT48A;DT100
*Portable*ATH-ES7, ATH-CM700
*Current Shrill Enthusiasms*: DT480 & DT990 Classic
Source Inventory
*Main Rig*: SACD 555ES>Cardas Lightning Digital>Zysys Reclocker>Vlad Digital RCA>Promitheus NOS DAC>FallenAngel Maggic ICs>Croft Mega Micro Pre>Warren Audio Intercept ICs>2x BGW Model 2125 monblocks>DNM Reson Cable>Aerial 7 Two-way Floorstanders
*Computer*: E-MU 2060 Analog>M^3 Amp+Sigma 11 PS
*Out of Loop*: Lake-People C76 24/96 Dac; DNM Reson XLR
The Glorified 5-Paragraph Essay on What You Did At Grandma's Last Summer


For current inventory, please see "Details."
"Unfit for life, unsure of love, unschooled in sex, but good at washing up"
-- Epitome of the life of Philip Larkin by Julian Barnes