Quality music listening has been my hobby since...forever.

I even have my on blog, altough in Hungarian language :)
Headphone Inventory
Have: ZMF Verité Open (Champon Burl LtD), Grado Hemp Had: Meze Liric, Raal SR1b, Grado RS-1x, Abyss 1266 Phi TC, Grado HP2i (balanced), Grado GS3000e, Erzetich Phobos, ZMF Aelous (with custom silver cable), Grado RS1, Grado GS1000i (balanced), Verum 1 (mk2), Campfire Cascade (balanced), Grado RS2e (balanced), ZMF Verité Open (with Forza Noir hybrid), ZMF Atticus, Campfire Polaris 2, Grado SR225e, Grado PS2000e, Grado SR80e, Audeze LCD-2 Classic, Mr. Speakers Ether Flow C 1.1 (with Vivo cable). Somewhere around in the house (not used by me): AKG-K501, Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
Headphone Amp Inventory
Have: Aries Cerat Genus, Decware ZMF OTL, Grado RA-1 (Battery), TMP Ant (with external PSU), Fiio Q5S, Had: Raal VM-1a, Pathos Inpol Ear, Audioqest Cobalt, Tor Audio Balanced, Trafomatic Audio Head 2 (Ferrari red), Enleum 23R
Source Inventory
Aries Cerat Heléne (DAC), Holo Red Had: Roon Nucleus with external Liniar PSU from TPM Audio (9V, 3A, Aqua LaScala Mk2, Auralic Aries G2.1 (with Horwege PSU upgrade), Custom passive cooled audio PC as server (with linear PSU, oven controlled OXCO, Paul Pang V5 USB card, Audiolinux operating system running excusively Roon + HQPlayer)
Cable Inventory
Shunyata Venom USB, TMP Audio Mundor Silver RCA, ZMF 2K Copper , Had: Raal Star8 silver cable, Shunyata Venom XLR
Power-Related Components
Stromtank S1000 with Trafomatic Tesla power cord for input and Shunyata Venom power cables (2 for digital and 1 for amp)
Other Audio Equipment
Townshend Seismic pods under the Nucleus + custom shelvless equipment rack
Audio-Related Tweaks
There is a Shaki Stone above the Holo Red. Cardas RCA shilding caps on the Decware inputs and XLR outputs of the Heléne


Power: Stromtank S1000 with Shunyate Venom cabling
Soruce: JPlay + Synology NAS +Holo Audio RED+Shunyata Venom+ Aries Cerat Heléne + Inakustik 2404 RCA interconnect into
System 1: Aries Cerat Genus + Devore O/Micro
System 2: Decware ZMF OTL Reference (Tung-Sol GZ34, Tung-Sol 5687, JAN 6922) - ZMF 2K Copper/Norne Silvergarde S3 - Verité Open Champor Burl Ltd. with BE2 perforated