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    STAX SR-007A vs. Sennheiser HE60 ?!

    Grrreat. Thanks for the replies. KGSS is a good start. Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda i generally prefer HE60 and it will sound very good for less money invested than an O2; but on the right amp, the O2 is top notch. Did you have a "right amp" in mind?
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    Closed production headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by S-Cube Ok let me rephrase my previous statement! When i said price is no object i thought there weren't any headphones that would cost more than $500, apparently i'm wrong! So the stax seem out of range for now, besides they're huge! I'm interested in...
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    What kind of Headphones are these?

    Stumbled across this pic: I need a pair ! Looks like some sweet Bass response..... Anyone know?
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    Closed production headphones

    Hi, If you ever want to get into Electrostats for Professional Monitoring check these babies out They can be purchased from a site sponser: They need an amp as well.
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    Sennheiser Orpheus

    I just finished F.E.A.R. with 90% played through the HE60 ~ They have such detail it made the already scary game into extremely freaky. With a High-end setup it will add detail and space giving your movie or gaming experience a kick in the a** !
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    MDR-V6 Scandal

    Yes, I found that as well.. The original pair I purchased about 13 years ago has very nice extended low frequency response. About two months ago I picked up a second pair for my home studio and noticed wholla - Where's that smooth response... Burn in is not a factor as well.... Oh, well. Keep...
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    Too old to start surfing?

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd World championship was held there this year apparantly. Yeh, I'll give it a go when I get up there probably either buy a secondhand board or rent one to see how I get on Awesome !!
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    Too old to start surfing?

    Never too old - Just make sure you are in good physical shape and an excellent swimmer before trying anything over head -
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    Tool television interview..

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sladeophile There is a download link... There sure is - I must be tired.. Thanks
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    ripping movies onto a 5g ipod???

    Does the new QuickTime do it? .AVI to .MOV ?
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    Tool television interview..

    Welcome to sendspace. A file is waiting to be downloaded: What gives.....?
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    Sennheiser HE60/HEV70 eBay Auction

    I often forget to check the foreign eBays for deals or rarities.. Thanks!
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    which headphone gave you your first EARGASM

    Well, the first eargasm came from a pair of SA-5000
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    Look what the fedex man dropped off today...

    Nice - Now start at the beginning of your music collection.... We'll see ya in a few weeks
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    Post your Motorcycle thread (dial up warning)

    Thank god Indeed That thing is a speed demon ! Nice - nice I rode a 94' GSXR-750 for two years.. loved it but just couldn't find enough uncrowded roads to drag the knees So I went to the dark side and I tell ya it's comfort cruisin at it's best. I posted an earlier thread about my XL1200C. I...