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    Reply to review by 'bzzt' on item 'FiiO Q1 portable headphone amp & DAC'

    Thank you for your impressions on iPhone vs iPhone Line out to Q1 vs iPhone Digital out to Q1! I've been searching for that for so long and not expecting half the details you delivered! Any news on the "test cable"? I'm seeing mentions of FiiO L19 and Penon Audio L19 circulating ebay but it...
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    Best iems for under 200$

    I'm very pleased with my Dunu DN-2000s but since it's above your budget, the new LZ-A2 is a 3 way hybrid (same config as dunu1k/2k) is getting a fair amount of praise in the community.   It fits your budget, haven't heard it and build quality probably is not that superb since it's china. I...
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    Portable AMP + DAC or a DAP...??

      This is my planned set up. iPhone 6 + Oppo HA-2 to drive my Dunu DN-2000 and eventually Fidelio X2's/HiFiMan HE-400S (undecided yet). Both Oppo and Fidelio's are not available locally here in the Philippines though 
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    Philips Rich Bass (she 9550) is not living up to its reviews (might be defective?)

    hi ipumuk, thanks for replying, I know its entry level IEM but I just cant live with the fact that she9700, same manufacturer and only more expensive by a fraction, has significantly better bass than something made specifically for it's supposed 'rich bass'. Plus, I will stress this yet again...