Headphone Inventory
Grado RS2 (reverse bowls)
Etymotic Research HF5
Headphone Amp Inventory
Millet Hybrid MAX Boutique with 12FK6 tube
- Nichicon muse at CA2 and CA7
- VitaminQ caps at CA8
- 10 ohm KOA resistor at R1
- 10 ohm KOA at RB14
- 2SC3422/2S1359 at Q8/Q9
Fiio E07K Andes
Source Inventory
Denon DCM-280 (Transport)
Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10 64-bit)
Emotiva XDA-2
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SD Card)
Cable Inventory
Pangea Audio USB - PCOCC & 4% Silver (SP4 -> XDA-2)
AudioQuest VSD-G Digital Coaxial (DCM-280 -> XDA-2)
Signal Cable Analog One (XDA-2 -> DRA-395)
Signal Cable Analog Two (XDA-2 -> Millet Hybrid MAX)
Grado Extension Cable
Power-Related Components
Tripp Lite
Other Audio Equipment
Denon DRA-395 -> Signal Cable Ultra (10AWG) -> Infinity Primus 250


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