The Dutch guy
Audio, design, games, teh internetz
Headphone Inventory
Denon D2000
Shure SE530
Sennheiser HD25-1 with Vampire CCC and another Mogami 2893 DIY Cable, HD555, PX100
Creative Live Aurvana! with HD650 cable
AKG K518DJ with Mogami 2893 recable, K81DJ with CAL! cable
Sony EX082
Ultimate Ears 3 Studio
Headphone Amp Inventory
Meier Corda Move
BioScienceGeek cMoy
FiiO E3
FiiO E5
Source Inventory
iPhone 2G 8GB
iPod Nano 3G 4GB
iPod Classic 6G 80GB
Sansa Clip 2GB
Cable Inventory
Lots and lots of DIY
Music Preferences
Everthing! It just has to have that sparkle that makes it interesting.
2 big fat 23" CRT for real color and true black
Student Art & Technique


Headphones: Denon D2000 Cryoparts "TWcu" recable, Grado SR80 /w custom Canare recable, AKG K450
IEMs: Shure SE530, S-Jays, Monster Turbine
Amps: Meier Corda Move w/ Elna Cerafine signal caps & AD797 Opamps, FiiO E3, E5, BioScienceGeek cMoy
Sources: diyMod Mini 16GB, iPhone 2G 8GB, Asus Xonar U1 w/...