Hiding from the cryptozoologists.
Headphone Inventory
AKG K1000
Sennheiser HD800
Sennheiser HD580 (x2)
Audeze LCD2
JH Audio JH13 Pro
Grado-Jaben Alumod-Magnum v4
Grado HF2
Grado RS1
Etymotic ER4P/S
Etymotic HF2
Livewires T1
Audio-Technica A900
Sennheiser HD25-1 II
Koss KSC75

Previously owned:
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD600
Sony CD3000 x3
Stax 4070
Stax SR-Lambda Sig x2
Stax SR-Lambda Nova Sig
Stax Lambda Pros
Stax 5NB Golds
Ultrasone Edition 9
Ultrasone 2500
Audio-Technica W5000
Audio-Technica W1000
Sony CD780
Grado GS1000 x2
Grado HF1
Grado SR225
Grado SR80
AKG K701 x2
AKG K501
and many others
Headphone Amp Inventory
Eddie Current Balancing Act (AD1)
Apex Peak + Volcano
Aleph 30 clone
Headamp Pico Slim

Recent Past:
Luxman P-1u
Tower of Power B22
Nugget B22
Emotiva RPA-2 (x2)
Single Power Extreme Platinum
Stax SRM-007t
Source Inventory
Nottingham Ace Space w/Shelter 501 II
Lavry DA10
Benchmark DAC1 USB
Headamp Pico
Audioengine D2
Squeezebox Touch x2
Airport Express x3
Cable Inventory
Audio Art Cable RCAs and XLRs
Magwire Nakeds RCAs
Stax ICs
Grado headphone extension (x2)
Audio Line Out Silver
Mysterious Australian RCAs
and various others
Power-Related Components
APC H10 Power Conditioner (x2)
Monster PowerCenter PC1000 (x2)
Homemade power cords
Other Audio Equipment
Broadcast Services for the Blind radio
Pink Floyd X-Feed mkIII
Audio-Related Tweaks
Russian River Supplication
Music Preferences
Just Philip Glass over and over.


wfmu freeform | • @blessingx
ace spacedeck w/shelter 501 II & zphono usb > goldpoint sa2
c/bd 2000 / ae d2 / sbtouch / airport exp / vlink > da10 / dlIII
ecba (ad1) / peak & volc / dsha1 > hd800 / lcd2 / hd580 / hf2 / rs1