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    New Sunrise Audio IEMs

    Does anyone have any info on these? I found this image by chance the other day but haven't been able to find any information on them.
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    PRESS RELEASE: Westone announces Adventure Series Alpha earphones

    Is this a dynamic? Never seen a company list driver size for a ba before. Never mind the description of extended bass.
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    Loudest Bass IEM

    I have the atrios and they are great for bass.  I used a friend's iphone and they sound great through it.  Also, a little equalization in the bass region will turn these into little subwoofers if the loudest bass is what you are after.
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    Question about FS Atrio IEMs

    You know what I just realized? You guys helped me get the iems I wanted AND save 90 dollars.
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    Question about FS Atrio IEMs

    Damn. I wouldn't even be mad if I had to pay full price for these
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    Question about FS Atrio IEMs

    Thanks navmau for the quick response,  I have actually read your review a time or two lol (I lurk on forums, what can i say).  If there's a big difference then I will definitely get the MG7s.  Leaning that way anyways, as I've heard the mids and highs are better.
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    Question about FS Atrio IEMs

    Hi all, first post here at head-fi. Anyway, I am in the market for some new IEMs, and I am positive I want to invest in some Atrios.  Here is my question:  I know that the MG7 driver is better than the MG5 (although by how much I don't) but, right now a pair of Atrio X's with the MG5 driver can...
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