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    Off Topic Thread: Off Topic Is On Topic Here

    Your trolling was better quality at the start of this exchange. This just feels lazy.
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    Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

    Hope you enjoy! Make sure to use real coconut water, not sweetened and definitely not coconut milk. Pretty decent coconut water w/o any additives is available most places with the surge in using coconut water as a natural high electrolyte drink.
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    Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

    I find that it's the casual whisky drinkers that gravitate toward the Blue in my collection, as it's something they've seen and heard about. I always try to steer them to other options they might like more, but at least 50% go for JWB. Oh well, it's actually cheaper (a lot) than some of what...
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    About Audeze and their Reveal plugin

    Possibly because not everyone likes the exact same sound signature.... I don't understand being upset with a company that offers free (or paid depending on your choice) software to allow EQing of their product. Like all headphones, if the tuning and options aren't for you, there are plenty of...
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    Help me spend $10k (or more) on a kickass rig

    I thought you would have something technically specific about the Oppo's audible shortcomings that we could discuss.
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    Help me spend $10k (or more) on a kickass rig

    What are the "obvious shortcomings" of the source in question?
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    Help me spend $10k (or more) on a kickass rig

    We are definitely going to disagree on this. The differences in electronics are orders of magnitude lower than variations in transducers. I'll let you have the last comment, as going further really should be done in the Sound Science subforum where we can separate the factual operational model...
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    Help me spend $10k (or more) on a kickass rig

    That is the collective "understanding" of audiophiles. Still, at minimum, a healthy debate as to actual impact if any. I certainly wouldn't prioritize those over headphones. And I certainly wouldn't spend money there that I could have spent purchasing better headphones.
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    Help me spend $10k (or more) on a kickass rig

    With the amount of money you're willing to invest, I'd suggest going to one of the big headphone events or a local meet to audition for yourself. Blind buying many headphones with the intent to return all but one or two as suggested above is not something I would do as it's very hard on the...
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    HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology

    Starts to put the markup in some boutique cables into perspective. The majority of them are purchasing cable in bulk from large producers - very few if any manufacture their own raw cable. Many will state that the cable manufacturers give them special runs - in my experience, if you can get a...
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    HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology

    Some examples - I suspect there are less expensive options. There are more expensive as well... OFC at $.40 per ft. OCC at $2.38 per ft. Don't confuse...
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    Does anyone own the Wyred4sound DAC 2?

    I have the same DAC and have been able to get it to accept and playback 192/24 Have you checked the Windows Sound Settings for your device to ensure it's been set to 192/24 in the Advanced tab? Are you using WASAPI?
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    R2R/multibit vs Delta-Sigma - Is There A Measurable Scientific Difference That's Audible

    So you've ABX or blind tested a $40 DVD player and a more expensive unit and were able to identify them in a statistically meaningful way?
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    Completely free, instantaneous upgrades to any Hi-fi setup

    I've found this to be a safe and effective way to keep ears free of wax at home. Yes, Tridal Wave is a little bit of an odd name, but the design avoids most of the risk of squirting liquid too hard onto the eardrum...
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    replay gain - not too sure if it degrades the sound

    Your choice, but I find it an odd position give how much processing/eq is applied during recording/engineering/mastering. So adding a little processing during playback really shouldn't be considered an issue. Add that to imperfect response curves almost all transducers have and personal...