Barusu Lamperouge
Football, Cricket, Music, Writing
Headphone Inventory

KZ EDX - 3.5/5
Tennmak Trio - 4/5
BLON BL-03 - 4/5
Tin Audio T2 - 4/5
KZ BA10 - 5/5
BQEYZ KB100 - 5/5
Tin Hifi T2+ - 5/5
Smabat NCO - 5/5
HZSOUND Heart Mirror - 5/5


QCY QS2 - 4.5/5
Tantio W1 Pro - 3.5/5

TRN BT20S - 4/5 (SQ is golden but had two consecutive failures in right module. TRN QC is a big pain so beware and what keeps it away from a perfect score)

Mivi Duopods M40 - 4/5 (Muddy bass and requires EQ to make it sound good. Battery life is good but touch controls are shabby)

Haylou GT1 Plus - 4/5 (Stock tips didn't give me a decent seal. After market tips, enhance SQ but iem don't fit in the box)

TRN BT20 - 5/5 (Better value and SQ wise IMO against BT20S. Maybe I'll get a BT20S Pro later to compare but at $60 with TRN QC, I'm much happy with BT20)

TRN BT20S Pro - 5/5 (A genuine step up from its predecessors and a bang for buck BT solution)

Over Ear Headphones -

Sennheiser BT 4.40 - 2/5
JBL C700SI - 2/5
Behringer HPM1000 - 3.5/5
AKG K92 - 4/5

Retired/Sold/Lost IEM -

GGMM C800 (Given away)
Sennheiser CX 3.00, CX 275S (Dead)
Boat Nirvana 225 (Dead)
JBL C100SI, C150SI, T110, T210, T160 (Dead)
Ptron Pride (Sold)
Tennmak Piano (Given away)
OneOdio Studio Pro (Dead)
VSonic VS7 (Sold)
**** **** (Given away)
CCA C10 (lost)
KZ ED9, ZSN (lost)
**** **** Pro (Sold)
TRN ST1 (Sold)
KBEar Opal (Sold)
GeekWold GK10 (Sold)
Tennmak Pro (Dead)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Hiby W3 (Retired), Walnut F2, Fiio BTR5, VE Odyssey HD, TRN BT20, TRN BT20S Pro
Source Inventory
Samsung S20 FE
Cable Inventory
TRN 16 Core, KBEar ofc, KBEar Rhyme, KBEar Copper Cable


My Favourite IEMs - BQEYZ KB100, HZSOUND Heart Mirror, KZ BA10, Smabat NCO, Sony MH1, Tin Hifi T2+
Under $20 favourites - CCA CRA, Sony MH750, Moondrop Quarks

There's no point in being objective in a hobby built on subjective foundations. Respect all and enjoy music. 😄❤️