Head Gear Reviews by Audioholic123
  1. NAD Electronics VISO HP50 Noise-Isolating Over-Ear Headphones

    4.50 star(s)
    It's been over a year since I last wrote a review here on Head-Fi. This is because few headphones that i've owned since then have impressed me lol. I had my eyes on the NAD HP50's for a couple of years now and finally decided to purchase a pair this november (2016).  I was aware that NAD made higher-end audio equipment and it's safe to say that the HP50's reflect this. I always use the excellent Oehlbach XXL DAC ULTRA headphone amp to test new headphones with and that is what I used for the HP50's. I gotta say they are terrific value for money...
  2. Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

    5.00 star(s)
    The Momentum On-Ears are very impressive headphones. They have incredibly accurate tonality like the kind you get with analytical headphones, yet somehow sound fun at the same time. As stated in the Pros bar above - they have full spectrum sound ( no frequencies masked or missing). This means your going to hear the lowest bass notes, the highest tones of the snare drum and every sound inbetween! There is no bleeding of low's to mid's or mid's to high's...it's all seamless.   That brings me to the only negative...the earpads! Everytime i use my...
  3. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

    3.00 star(s)
    The audio Technica ATH-M50X is a good headphone to listen to bassy music. However, I do not think they are studio quality. Soundstage is good and the high's are quite accurate. Mid's are ruined by the overpowering bass. The earpads are an awkward shape and can be very uncomfortable. Better alternatives exist.