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    Magaosi K5

    Hello guys! I am a fan of magaosi. I like k5 and dt6. Now i am thinking to buy x3 or mgs-401. Could someone compare these models with dt6? The bass of mgs-401 has the same quantity like dt6 or it is lighter?
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    The discovery thread!

    Bgvp dmg, kinera idun, tfz king pro
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    Reply to review by 'Atlass' on item 'Moondrop Kanas Pro'

    Hi! Thanks for your review. Could you compare bass quantity with other models ? I understood that it is not a basshead model but how deep is it present?
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    Guys, and what about the quantity of bas? especially sub bas. Bas quantity in mk2 version was not enough for me
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    "Ear Kegs" - MusicMaker Phantom III / Shockwave III appreciation & impressions

    hello guys! Now Im thinking to buy new earphones. I choose 2 kandidates: Sw3 and NiceHCK HK6 or may be you can advice smth better in this money. Could anybody compare these two models? I have a little doubt that midrange in ear kegs will be too thin for my taste.
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    LZ A5

    I think you will not find a comparision between these models because the are from different leages. 1 more 2 levels lower in my mind.
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    LZ A5

    Made an order today. What source will be the great choice for LZ A5? How do you think? As i see LZ A5 is easygoing and i can use LG G6 without any doubts.
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    LZ A5

    Thanks for your opinion!
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    LZ A5

    Hello Guys! I am a big fan of lz earphones after listening lz a4. Now i am going to buy LZ a5 because LZ made a good fit (as i see on the pictures and from the reviews). Please, could someone compare lz a5 and musicMaker tk12, Shockwave 3. It is very interesting for me. And one more question -...
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hello guys! Glad to join this audio maniac community:):)