Headphone Inventory
Xears N3i (died, cheaply built POS)
Fischer Audio Eterna (died) </3
Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (stolen)
Denon AH-C551 (stolen)
Denon AH-C700 (died)
Audio Technica ATH-A700 (sold)
Ultimate Ears Super-Fi 3 (died)
Shure e2C (returned)
Creative EP-630, multiple (died)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Minibox D
A cMoy of unknown specs (died?)
Source Inventory
Microsoft Zune 80 (alive and kickin'!)
Microsoft Zune 120 (died)
Microsoft Zune 80 (stolen)
Sansa Clip (died)
Sansa Fuze (sold)
Sansa e280 Rockboxed (sold)
Creative Zen Vision:W (died)
Apple iPod 4G (huge mistake--died/killed)
Music Preferences
There are several genres/subgenres of music that I listen to; some are my favorites, some I hear sporadically but appreciate them every time I hear them. These include: indie, indie pop, metalcore, death metal (brutal, death/grind, traditional, technical, melodic), black metal (symphonic, melodic, traditional), grindcore, emo, post-emo, industrial, industrial rock, industrial metal, gabber, EBM, psytrance, hardcore, post-hardcore, punk, post-punk, pop punk, experimental, techno, trance, hip hop, post-punk revival, indie folk, avant garde metal, jazz (fusion, nu-, traditional), electropop, synthpop, j-pop, j-rock, latin, noise pop, noise rock, mathcore, math rock, post-rock, stoner rock, gothic rock, gothic metal, doom metal (sludge, death, stoner) ska, pop rock, trip hop, screamo, downtempo, dubstep, drumstep, and neo soul.