Headphone Inventory
HD-600,HD-650, ALO modded HF-1,PX-100 AKG 701 & 702, Beyerdynamic Dt-880 Dragon Series with Moon-Audio Silver Dragon detachable cable cryoed by cryo-parts
Headphone Amp Inventory
Singlepower MPX3 with upgraded caps, Headroom Balanced Desktop with Home module & Dac, Hornet, TTVJ portable hybrid , Wheatfield HA-1, ALO Amphora S.E. , ALO Continental portable tube Amp
Source Inventory
Marantz SA-8260, GW Labs upsampler modded by RAM, PS Link lll, ipod nano 3rd gen, Redwine Audio imod, ALO Superdock , Solo
Cable Inventory
Homegrown Audio SilverLace & RAM interconnects
Power-Related Components
Headroom Desktop Power Supply
Music Preferences
Jazz, New Age, Classical