Headphone Inventory
Grado SR325is, modded - SOLD
Fischer Audio FA-002W - SOLD
Koss PortaPro
Etymotic ER4
Bushmill Grados - SOLD
Grado RS1i - These are SWEET!
HiHiMan HE-400 - Returned
Phillips Fidelio X2 - Awesome headphones
Denon AH-D2000
Headphone Amp Inventory
Little Dot 1+
JDS Labs cMoyBB v2.03
Kenwood VR-205 stereo receiver
Schiit Audio Magni 2 Uber
Source Inventory
Keces DA-151 D/A
Computer mostly
SanDisk sansa
iPhone 4 16g
iPod touch 16g
Samsung Galaxy S5
Music Preferences
Acoustic. Rock, classic rock, alternative. I am starting to listen to a little bit of the blues. I prefer anything that I can find in the genres I enjoy to be acoustic versions.
I'm a rough man standing ready to visit violence on those who would harm you.


Source: Computer, Keces DA-151
Current Headphones: Denon D2000, Koss PortaPro, Grado RS1 (buttonless), Phillips Fidelio X2. HiFiMan Massdrop HE4XX
Current Earphones: Etymotic ER-4S, Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition
Amps: Little Dot I+ with Sylvania GB-408A tubes, JDS Labs cMoyBB v2.03, Kenwood VR-205 stereo receiver, Schiit Magni 2 Uber