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    Who Is the Greatest Rock Drummer of All Time? John Bonham, Keith Moon, ...?

    How about Cozy Powell?? damn
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    Coke or Pepsi???

    Pepsi is too sweet. Quote: Pepsi at the moment.... used to drink Coke when it was made with cane sugar instead of that nasty corn syrup... would go back to Coke in a heartbeat if they went back to cane sugar... not sure what Pepsi uses, but if its corn syrup, they mask it better...
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    Drilling holes in sheet metal

    Just as a afterthought; invest in a center punch as well ($5-$20). Either the manual type or a auto- spring loaded one. This way your drill bit won't walk off where you want to drill
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    Drilling holes in sheet metal

    The Irwin brand Unibits are worth the few extra dollars at Home Depot or Lowe's. I picked up a 2 piece set a few years ago and they 're still cutting well in aluminum and light steel.
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    more ant/ electronic news

    Remember the southern fellow that had ants in, DAC? Well seems like now is the season for " Crazy Raspberry Ants", Who knew?
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    Pandora's Box, NYC

    Nice to see an adult thread Not my cup of tea, but we have friends that are into IT. Makes for very interesting dinner conversation.
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    Paypal question

    it's possible to have funds in paypal without a cc or regular bank account. Think sell stuff on ebay pass funds into account already set-up....They did not used to need alot of info to set up an active account. Not sure about now. I had a ebay question today, "would I ship to France, COD"...I...
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    Alien-DAC: death by ants! need help

    Fireants in TX Quote: In addition to mammals, fire ants like electricity. They eat through cable insulation on power lines and congregate on metal conductors, causing shorts in electrical lines, junction boxes, traffic and street lights, and air conditioners. What Cheryl Hill-Burrier...
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    Avoiding a shorted turn toroid with adonized cases

    Are you using the rubber disks that should be between the toroid and the case bottom and the toroid and metal washer on top?
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    what are you drinking right now..

    Frosty mug of ice cold WATER
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    UPS Stole my Camera!!!!

    Same thing happened to my dad's new Nikon D88. It took 6 months for UPS to pay the claim. TG he paid via CC, they went to bat for him. Good luck
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    Isolated cellphone to motorcycle intercom

    Saw this earlier today. Thought I'd pass it on. Bluetooth device
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    Who does smt with a toaster oven?

    The most time intensive part is prep. Once you have the solder paste applied and placed the smd devices. It only takes about ~25 minutes at 325F for the board to flow. The only other significant time is the cool down period. Approx. 30 minutes for cool down. You do not want to disturb the board...
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    Who does smt with a toaster oven?

    Take your time. Make sure the oven tray doesn't flex or POP when heated. Take your time. You can use virtually any oven as long as the board fits
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    Another eBay (Horror) Story

    x3 - do not dismiss claim. It is your ownly leverage.