Photography, Road Biking,woodworking
Headphone Inventory
Current - Senn HD650(silver dragon v3), HD600 (jena recable), Super Fi 5 v2, westone 3, denon d1001 canare recable, ath esw9, senn cx300
Headphone Amp Inventory
3 channel Beta 22,

Gilmore Lite with sigma 22,

Creek OBH -11 with elpac PSU,

Total Bithead

pico dac amp, lisa 3 std, ibasso d10, EHHA 2 channel
Source Inventory
Keces DAC 151, Diyeden SVDAC05, 6.5g ipod, h132 iriver, nano 3g, sony s639, misterx gamma usb lite, ipod classic, samsung galaxy captivate, d10 stock
Cable Inventory
moon audio v3 sennheiser cable, jena cryo 22 gauge AKG K701 recable, silver dragon mini to rca, silver dragon interconnects, homegrown audio silver interconnects
Power-Related Components
belden diy power cord with furutechs, diy power cord with marincos