Head Gear Reviews by Allanmarcus
  1. Chord Hugo 2

    4.00 star(s)
    I'm lucky in the that I cannot hear most of the fine detail others seem to be able to hear, so for me a piece of gear has to really add significant value to be in my chain. Also, I will disclaim that I received the Hugo 2 on a free tour. The unit feels a bit heavy in the hand, which is to be expected for such an expensive piece of gear. I wouldn't want to use it while walking around or anything, but if you needed to take it home after work in a backpack, or take it with you on travel to set up a rig at your destination, that would work. The LEDs...
  2. Focal Utopia

    4.50 star(s)
    Well, my time with the Utopia is coming to a end :-(   I certainly enjoyed it immensely. I was able to compare it to my PMx2, HD800 (SDR mod), T1, and Ether C, and others, although most of my comparisons are with the PMx2 and the HD800. I also had a number of friends compare, and all (including my wife) thought the Utopia was better (mostly than the PMx2).   I also didn't have the best amp to test with. I'm between amps, so I was using a Modi Multibit and a Magni. I tried with my Sony UDA-1 and the Utopia sound absolutely horrible with the UDA-1...