New Mexico
Photography. Researching Audio Equipment. Home Theater. Walking the dogs with my wife.
what? I don't understand the question.
Headphone Inventory
Focal Utopia
MrSpeakers Ether-C
Audio Zenith PMx2
Koss ESP/950 w/custom pads
SennGrado w/cups from 7keys
Fostex TH900 MkII (MrSpeakers doggie treats)
Sony MDR-V6 (c.1992. Never use em, but they are sentimental :-)

BlueBuds X
Sennheiser IE80

Former or tried:
Traded: beyerdynamic DT1770 - sound a little warm/dark for me.
Traded: beyerdynamic T5p - I could not get a good seal, so no bass

T1 (sn 25xx)
Sennheiser HD800 with SuperDupont Resonator
Sennheiser HD650 with all sorts of mods
Grado RS2e with Doggie Treats
Fostex TH600 (Lawton tune-up mod applied)
Sennheiser HD700
beyerdynamic T90
AKG 550: poor seal, to big - sold
MDR-Z7: Uncomfortable headband after a while. Bass bloat. Too polite, but smooth and very comfortable pads
Dunu-1000: Just liked the IE80's better
HifiMan RE400: too warm for my taste
Shure SHR1540 - Pretty darn good, but not enough something for me. Poor headband
Grado SR225i - upgraded
VSonic AN16 (never use 'em, but one day this will be worth tens of dollars!)

Heard: Audeze EL-8 (closed). Bad microphonics. Tin can sound. - just heard
Heard: NAD VIsio 50: Comfortable, but small earcups. Balanced. Tight bass, not heavy. Not fun. Forward mids. Thin. Probably accurate. Maybe even a litle bright.
Heard: HiFiMan HE-400: Need a good amp. Very revealing. Beautiful bass, but not as extended as the DT-770.
Heard: Audeze LCD-3 (pre-fazor): need a good amp. Very nice! detail, extended bass. Extended highs. Smooth. Bass thump, but controlled. tight mids.
Heard: PM-1: Very good, clear, and balanced. Too expensive
Heard: PM-3: Didn't like at first, but after a few days my brain burned in. I ultimately felt they sounded odd with the lower treble and upper mid.
beyerdynamic DT990-pro-250 - upgraded
Headphone Amp Inventory
Bottlehead Mainline
ifi iCan Nano (travel)
Schiit Magn Uber 2 (work)
Magni 3

Sold: Bottlehead Crack (upgraded) - two of them
Sold: Eddie Current Black Widow 2
Sold: Schiit Mjolnir 2 with WE396a tubes
Sold: BottleHead Crack - Mullard 12AU7 (Blackburn, Great Britain, code Gf1 84DX), Catham 6080
Sold: Lake People G109-A
Sold: Corda Classic
Sold: Schiit Magn gen 1 (work)
Source Inventory
Black Bimby G5

I like this post

macOS, iTunes ALAC

Sold: Gungnir Multibit
Sold: Mimby
Sold: Peachtree DAC-IT (shoulda kept it)
Sold: Corda DACCord (why are DACs "sources")
Sold: Chord Mojo
Sold: Liquid Carbon
Sold: Oppo HA-1
Cable Inventory
Lots of wires. Many home made cables.
Power-Related Components
UPS on the TV and stereo and computer.
Music Preferences
Sony A77 dSLR
Senior IT Solutions Architect


Weller WES51 -> Mac -> Bifrost Multibit -> Mainline|WHAMMY -> Utopia|PMx2|TH900.2|Ether C 1.1|HD6xx (also a Koss ESP950 w/vesper pads)
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