Head Gear Reviews by alexandros a
  1. ISN H50

    5.00 star(s)
    We all know how Audio Market has become a saturated market, especially during the last years making it even harder for any of us to choose a monitor that suits our personal flavor (its a paradox but the more choises one has, the more difficult it gets for that person to make a decision , and having a plethora of choises doesn΄t really help much,that situation occurs more and more in our everyday life and affects most people΄s life in every level) Νevertheless H50 was not a blind shot for my case.... Having bought during the last 3 years from ISN...
  2. Penon Orb

    5.00 star(s)
    Friends audiomaniacs..... till recent years was trully an odyssey just to get a decent sound from in ear monitors and could easily cost everyone a fortune to get a high end sounding in ear monitor set. Nowdays this is just a bad dream from the past...since more and more audio companies from all around the globe have gained a strong reputation in audio market proving themselves each and every day with their products... A veteran in Audio business ,PENON being a retailer in the industry for years now ,just recently started producing IEMS with their own...
  3. iBasso AM05

    4.50 star(s)
    (A few words about me): This is my first attempt to review a product here in Head-Fi so.......guys please be gentle to me..... I do not consider my self as an audiophile .I see my self more like a music enthusiast celebrating music each and every day in my life,and i am by no means a person of graphs and measurements.You can call me music junkie if you like.....I have my heart and ears focused on music 24/7. My ears listen,my heart feels..... Intro : iBASSO is a well knowned established name in the Audio industry since....the creation of the...