Head Gear Reviews by ahmadfaizadnan
  1. Marantz PM8005

    4.00 star(s)
    I was in my busiest week of the semester when I suddenly received a message from my friend in Malaysia. He was interested in building his own two-channel speaker system and asked me if I can recommend him any. We were discussing it for a while and he ended up with Marantz PM8005 because he had the chance to listen to PM6005 and love it. PM8005 is a more capable amp and he decided to go with that and send it directly to me for review with my system. I have the opportunity to use the amp for roughly 4 months before I send it to him back in May this...
  2. KZ Zs6

    4.00 star(s)
    In audiophile world, the price over performance ratio has always been one of a buying factor. The recent price hike in audio world ignites the concern of most audio enthusiast and audiophile globally. Headphones like HiFiman Shangri-la, Susvara, and Sennheiser HE1 are the big names in the end spectrum and it does not stop there. Custom or high-end universal IEM could even go up to $3000 to $4000 range. There will be more brands that aim for a state of art headphones in justifying their price tag. Most people in audiophile society are a mid-class...
  3. Aune B1S

    4.50 star(s)
    I have always thought that I could get something better from my portable setup without breaking the bank. In a search for an affordable Android DAP with two micro SD card slots, I end up with Pioneer XDP-100r. I love the versatility and its great sound, but I felt like something is missing. When I listen to my desktop setup, I can hear more detail, great nuance across the spectrum and more impactful but I would not mind that considering the price difference with my desktop setup and my DAP. The only thing that I am looking for with my portable rig is...
  4. iFi audio nano iDSD Black Label

    4.00 star(s)
    Wait. Don’t judge me by the title statement. I don’t want to make it controversial but that’s what I heard. Whether it holds or not, it’s really up to you to decide. The question is, where do I stand by this statement? I’ll let you guys know at the end. Let see if this small black box lives up to the hype. Disclaimer I used to own mojo but decided to sell the unit because I am not using it as much. I am focusing on dedicated desktop setup thus the reason for selling. While I am familiar with the sound signature, I don’t have the unit for direct...
  5. Takstar Pro 82

    5.00 star(s)
    I was thinking on getting a pair of headphone that is like TH900 but less harsh. I have always been a fan of TH900, but sibilance has been an issue since the first day I had them. The bass and the low end, yeah! the low end is AH-mah-zinggg. The clarity is detail and precise, but the highs doesn’t let me enjoy the music as much if not paired with the correct amp. Then, I decided to sell the headphone and get something that I could tolerate with. Then two weeks before the semester ended, I decided to go through the TH900 thread on Head-fi that leads...