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    Soundaware P1 Loaner Program

    @soundaware I have a quick question. Would there be any limit in participants and when will it start? I'll be out of the country early may until end of June. Just wondering if I could be the last one the list if I join. Thanks!
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    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    Have the opportunity to try Exogal Comet Plus for a week. After couple hours of listening, it competes well with Holo Spring Level 3. I still think that Spring LVL 3 has a smoother top end, better holographic and more analog sounding. Will update the comparison in a week.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    I might need one of those :nerd:
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    'Portable' setup... I think.
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    iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label (TOUR details - PAGE 12 / TOUR participants - page 26 post #386)

    Just received mine too! Thanks again @iFi audio :smile: Not sure if this can still be called portable setup :nerd:
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    Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

    Just received the tour unit and loving them so far! Haven't played with the filter yet but will do it this weekend :ksc75smile:
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    NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

    Looking forward to impressions on both considering the price difference :nerd:
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    UiiSii impressions thread

    That's what I use with my CM5 :ksc75smile:
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    Campfire Cascade - North American Review Tour

    Awesome! I might be able to a/b the cascade with UM Mentor V3 since I'll have the tour unit in a week or two. Thanks again!
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    Campfire Cascade - North American Review Tour

    I am not sure if I missed anything but is the western tour started yet? And if it does, may I know the order? Thanks again for organizing the tour!
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    $1000 DAC and AMP Recomendation

    Spring has no head amp and priced at $1500 for L1. Well, you could get them at around $1100 in used market but it's rare to even find one on sale. Cyan is a great all-in-one solution and if it sounds close to L1, it's quite a bargain.