Head Gear Reviews by agnostic1er
  1. Feliks Audio Elise

    5.00 star(s)
    Review: Feliks audio Elise (stock Svetlanas nos 6as7g power tubes, jan Sylvanias nos 6sn7wgta drivers, selected and chose by Luzasz) on  Sennheiser hd800   First of all: About my HP setup: - Elise has now full break in (100/110 hours); I feel after some 60/70 hours of running sound didn't change any more - another head-amp: a diy SS one, with added 41ohm resistances at the output to perfectly match the hd800 impedance (I tested R values from 6.8 to 100ohms) - main source: CDplayer Teac PD501HR; not a high-end gear but very neutral, detailed...