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    iFi iCan Nano vs Electric Avenues PA2V2

    Hey, I've got a nice pair of NAD HP50's and I wanted a good (not very expensive) amp for the go. I'm looking at this two options right now. Which one should I get? Does the price difference between the iFi and the PA2V2 represents a difference in performance that justifies this difference...
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    Portable Amp for NAD Viso HP50 ou DAP?

    Hello,   I'm thinking of buying the new 2nd Gen Fiio X3 or a good portable amp. Which one should I get?   The amp has the advantage of fitting any DAP/Phone/PC/etc... I have a 300 budget and I really need some help.   If I go with the amp which should I get?   Thanks in advance!
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    A Little Help On a Portable Setup

    So you think the X3 will drive my HP50 perfectly or I would gain something in terms of sound quality with the X5 or the DX90?
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    A Little Help On a Portable Setup

    Hi, I'm new here and new to the whole world of fine audio and I recently bought the Nad Viso HP50 and I would like to pair them with a nice set of DAP and amp.    I was considering to acquire the new Fiio X3 and the iFi nano iCan. Do you think this is a good portable setup, HP50+X3+iCan?  ...
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