Art, Film, Music, Theology
I'm a Christian. I love Jesus. I dig systematic theology, history, archaeology, and apologetics. I love the arts. I'm a cult film nut and like art house cinema and anything surreal and out there. I also draw and paint a bit.
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser HD650, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, Logitech G930, JVC HA-FX101B, ZenNutt Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
Headphone Amp Inventory
iBasso D10 Cobra, Little Dot MKIII, AudioQuest DragonFly Black
Source Inventory
Macbook, PC + Window 10, Sony Xperia Z5
Other Audio Equipment
ONKYO HT-S5400 7.1 Home Theater System, and a crummy Ion TTUSB turntable.
Music Preferences
Punk, Post-punk, Deathrock, Goth, Traditional Eastern, World, Folk, Neo-Folk, Military-Pop, Bebop, Cool Jazz, Glam Rock, Proto-Punk, Garage Rock, 60s Rock, Electronic music, and anything eclectic and off the wall.
I have a late model mustang I tool around with occasionally. I dig computers... kind of goes with the job though...
Software Analyst


Home: Little Dot MKIII - Senn HD650
Work: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X