62 yr old audiophile, Proud user of Tube Equipment, by Chris Ivan Audio
Collecting Vinyl and Listening.... Family... and Favorite New Act.-- Head-Fi meets!!!
MY Family and close Friends...... Growing old gracefully but still rocking Live concerts...
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser HD-800, HD-650, Grado 125's & 60's, Audio Technica AD-700. United Airlines "Buds"
Headphone Amp Inventory
1).The "BEAST" AMP, by Chris Ivan Audio. 2).Musical Fidelity x-can v3 (hot rodded), X- power supply, tubes used amprex SQ or PQ 7308...Main Sys. Amps. 300 B mono blocks for Mid range, Tweeter amps custom 6384 tube mono blocks, 2 sub woofer amps, all Chris Ivan Audio, 6sn7s Tube Line stage(pre), C.Ivan Custom Tube 7308s phono stage, SF 850 outboard X-over mod by C. Ivan, all outboard Power supplys(see below)
Source Inventory
I Mac to PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac Feeding main system or the Beast Headphone system, Analog (see below)
Cable Inventory
Transparent RSE Reference IC's,+Transparent Reference BNC to BNC Digital cable. Top Gun & Custom Power Cord Company power cords,(for Headphone system),Main System cables All Power cords 9g silver coated copper per leg into hubbell iec's and plugs. Creative Cable Concepts "Green Hornet" Digital cable.. Gortz TQ2 Silver ribbon IC's + Cable elevators.... topped off with shun-mook cable jackets... Several different types of speaker cables
Power-Related Components
Tube Lamda power supplies, by (Chris Ivan audio)...Bybee Technologies,"Quatum Charger" plus VanEvers "Clean Line Conditioning"
Other Audio Equipment
Pride and Joy, My Clearaudio Ref. table, Grahm 2.2 arm, Lyra, Titan i cart., Helicon,and Clearaudio Signature carts. Extra Grahm ceramic arm wand. Hovland Music Groove phono cable. Clearaudio Power reg./speed control. Silent Running T.Table Isolation platform made for the Clearaudio Ref. also Shun-mook disc. Sota clamp, VPI 16.5 RC ( New) Acoustat Spectra 22 electrostatic Loudspeakers, completely rebuilt.......
Audio-Related Tweaks
Tube Traps (7) wall defusion pannels, and I can't leave out my Shun Mook stuff.....All equipment on Duke "3" Stands and Isolation platforms...Don't laugh now, I still use a Tice Clock for personal reasons dedicated to Ray Andrews the cincy audio guru (RIP) Ray!
Music Preferences
Anything recorded good.....Guitars (jazz,Blues etc.etc)Andy Brown, D.Allman,Clapton Derek Trucks, etc.etc. Most Female voices......Plus of course The BEATLES.....Add Great Classical HiRes Down loads (thanks Bubu1) outstanding.
Good health and Great food, Good Tools, All Art supplies (air Brushes etc.etc.) and ...Cheap Gasoline!!!
Master Journeyman Millwright (2 more yrs.)


9pintube-"Duke" .......