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  1. surrealdeal
    The Sennheiser HD 205 are another good choice and work well enough with onboard sound.
  3. cel4145

    That might have been true when they came out so many years ago, but the market has changed. Best bang for the buck would be the Schiit Modi/Magni at $200. Instead of the Echo Indigo PCMCIA card, look into the FiiO E17.

    Do you need closed headphones? Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 Ohm will have a bigger soundstage than most closed headphones (better for that ambient music) with decent bass response. They will need an amp.

    For closed, look into the V-Moda M-100. Very popular in the basshead crowd :)
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would assume the ThinkPad is used when traveling around.
    The Fiio E17 can work with both desktop and portable PCs.
    The E17 would provide better audio quality then whatever audio hardware is built into your desktop or ThinkPad
    Sometimes the Fiio E17 goes on sale for around $105.
    Spend the rest of your cash on headphones.
  5. zamorin
    I just got the Fiio E17 but I don't find any noticeable difference in SQ (maybe slight). Does this also require burn-in or something?  My cheap laptop audio sounds equally good.
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    The Beyer bass is very good in the DT990, DT880, and DT770s. I have less experience with the M-100s, but they seemed pretty good when I listened to them. DT880s are excellent for open headphones. The bass extends very deep but is not emphasized. DT990 would give you a little more bass emphasis in comparison to the DT880s, but are at such a good price right now, you would be able to get a good amp to go with them.
  11. manbear
    I had a pair of Beyer DT-990 250 ohm (pro version), and they had great bass for electronica. The bass isn't the most precise you can get (compared to other high-end headphones), but it's loads more precise than what you get in cheaper headphones or something like beats. They were very clean sounding overall. An amp is best to get the most out of them. I ran them unamped too -- they are still pretty decent without an amp, but the improvement you get from an amp really is noticeable. The amp makes the sound much cleaner, more precise bass, more separation, etc. My laptop got them about as loud as I could want, but my Ipod couldn't get them past a moderate volume level. 

    Also, I haven't heard any myself, but some people absolutely love Ultrasones for bass and electronic music. They are reputed to have some of the best bass you can get, but also with some harshness in the highs. 
  12. zamorin
    Whats "indigo"?
  13. durkk
    Echo Indigo, a PCMCIA soundcard with jack output. I still have one - no laptops to pair it with tho... PCMCIA slots are a rarity these days. http://www.tek4.com/ForSale/EchoIndigo/indigo.jpg
    I actually bought it because I thought I liked the ergonomics better than a USB soundcard. I thought hahaha. Once plugged I always feared i'd break the thing with my leg or knee!
    ON TOPIC: I produce dnb, mostly Neuro stuff. I have DT770's and like them for the bass. The high's are fatiguing, mid's strong and well staged, but fairly dipped in the scope of things. Over all a pair of cans great for DNB, just like the other Beyer's mentioned here I imagine, looking at their graph's. I run my 770's with a RME Babyface.
    Other options at low price points; ATH M50's or the KRK 8400
  14. zamorin
    I was comparing it to the soundmax internal card that came with my HP laptop.
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