Philips SHE3575/28 In-Ear Headset, Black

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  1. chrone
    "The Best Bang for The Buck Mobile Phone In Ear Monitor for Basshead"
    Pros - good enough deep bass with balance mid & treble. comfort to use even when sleeping didn't pop off easily. compatible with samsung galaxy nexus phone.
    Cons - i wish it produces more deeper punching bass like its older brother Philips SHE9700 and comes with asymmetric gold coated cable.
    For an affordable in ear monitor with built in mic, I'm surprised by the sound quality it produced. This phone is for basshead person. Hehe :D
    It produces good enough deep bass without distorting the mid and treble. The deep punching bass and high definition clarity is somewhat one level below its older brother, Philips SHE9700. The mic is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Playing David Guetta - Nothing but The Beat and Korn - Live and Rare were awesome experience!
    Tested on PC using Foobar app with Home Theater equalizer preset.
    Tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus using stock Google Play Music app with this equalizer preset:
    • set it to Flat preset
    • turn off the bass boost and 3d effect
    • tune the 230Hz two levels down
    • tune the 910Hz three levels down
    • tune the 4KHz two levels down
    • tune the 14Khz one levels down
    It came with 3 different size of ear tips. Still comfort to use for long hours, even when sleeping you didn't notice it was there. It didn't easily pop off from your ears. It also blocked ambient noise very well. Just make sure you put the right size of the ear tips to produce better sub-bass sound. :)
    I wish it produces much more deeper punching bass and high definition clarity like its older brother, Philips SHE9700, and comes with asymmetric gold coated cable.
    Overall, very satisfied with this purchase. You should give it a try if you're using mobile phone. :)
    Here's Joe Bloggs' in-depth reviews on the original SHE3580 IEM. You couldn't go wrong with this IEM!
    1. For more advanced sub-bass and clearer wide fidelity, please consider Philips SHE9700 first and SHE3580 second.
    2. SHE3575, SHH3585, and SHE3595 are just another variants of SHE3580 with mic.
    3. SHE3570, SHE3590, and SHE3680 are just another variants of SHE3580 without mic.
    4. Some found that SHE3575, SHH3585, and SHE3680 had lesser bass compared to the original SHE3580, while SHE3570 and SHE3590 has the same sound signature as SHE3580.
    Been using this earphone with poweramp app for awhile, what a perfect companion, using the right 10 band frequency equalizer (bass & treble preset), the bass is more punchy, and the soundstage is getting wider. Love it more eachday! :)